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Winter Drinks With Will: The Dead Leaf

Serious Eats Will Gordon 6 comments

This is my favorite time of year for many reasons, none of which involve snow or gourds and several of which involve whiskey. This time of year, bourbon is ready to be tricked out with something more interesting than summer's ice-and-soda or deeper winter's tumbler-and-depression. The Dead Leaf is what I've come up with, and it's good. More

Winter Drinks With Will: Hot Buttered Mai Tai

Serious Eats Will Gordon 13 comments

I believe very strongly in the restorative powers of warm whiskey and as such will not indulge in this cure for the common cold except when medically indicated. Which means I needed to come up with something else to drink when the air is cold but my body is well. More

Winter Drinks With Will: The Bloody Upper Lip

Serious Eats Will Gordon 4 comments

This cranberry elevation process is a matter of historical import and as such must begin with a good stiff drink. First off, we need to start with real cranberries (or what's the point?) More

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