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Tom Colicchio's Herb-Butter Turkey from 'The Epicurious Cookbook'

Serious Eats Kate Williams Post a comment

This bird is roasted hot to brown the skin, and then low and slow to finish. What sets it apart, however, is the unabashed use of butter. This is not a turkey simply rubbed down with butter. It is slathered, stuffed, and basted with the stuff, and then the gravy is spiked with a couple more tablespoons for good measure. More

Fried Squid Po' Boy with Avocado and Black Chile Oil

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 8 comments

Usually when I find myself frying up pieces of squid it's for some kind of Mediterranean dish. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) But this stunning sandwich from Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft instead looks to New Orleans and Mexico for inspiration. The po' boy is drizzled with black chile oil and layered with avocado slices before being topped with handfuls of crispy squid. More

Dinner Tonight: Steak Sandwich with Cucumber, Ginger Salad, and Black Chile Mayonnaise

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

Most steak sandwiches are manly affairs. As Tom Colicchio explains in sandwich cookbook, 'wichcraft, the beef is "usually paired with onions, cheese, or similarly rich flavors." I'd like to add that there isn't anything wrong with that approach, but it is interesting to come across a recipe like this one that pairs the seared beef with ginger, cucumber, cilantro, and lime—all ingredients that help lighten the load. The black chile mayonnaise here is the one exception. More

Cook the Book: Balsamic Onion Marmalade

Serious Eats Grace Kang 5 comments

Lady Marmalade says YES to this condiment of condiments from Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortuzar's ' 'wichcraft.' This is a simple twist on regular caramelized onions that manages to elevate the topping to a must-have. Yes, caramelizing onions takes a... More

Roasted Asparagus with Red Onions, Basil, and Vacherin

Serious Eats Grace Kang Post a comment

The following recipe is from the April 8 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Grilling sandwiches is an easy way to make a bunch of sandwiches at once. Step 1:... More

Cook the Book: PBJ

Serious Eats Grace Kang 6 comments

I must confess that I don't like peanut butter, nor its classic incarnation in a PBJ. It sticks to your mouth! Why would I want something to stick to the roof of my mouth like that? Yes, there's milk, but... More

Cook the Book: Smoked Ham with Avocado and Butter

Serious Eats Grace Kang 13 comments

Avocado adds a great creamy element to sandwiches, and I'm glad to see it in a sandwich that doesn't call for sprouts. I don't understand how anyone eats those threadlike sprouts. I almost gag every time I try them. Plus,... More

Cook the Book: Fried Eggs with Bacon, Gorgonzola, and Frisee

Serious Eats Grace Kang 1 comment

Inspired by the classic frisée aux lardons, this recipe takes the salad and translates it into an elegant sandwich. For me, it's just another excuse to eat a bacon, egg, and cheese (BEC) sandwich for dinner. (I've done it before,... More

Cook the Book: Diced Potato-Leek Soup

Serious Eats Robyn Lee 2 comments

Soup rarely appeals to me (too much liquid, not enough chewing), but when the weather is bitterly cold (like now), nothing fills up your inner crevices as well as a bowl of hot, chunky soup. Tom Colicchio's simple diced potato-leek... More

Cook the Book: Onion Confit

Serious Eats Robyn Lee 1 comment

If you're a fan of sweet caramelized onions, you'll love Tom Colicchio's onion confit. He takes caramelized onions to the next level by simmering them in chicken stock and vinegar for half an hour after the onions have already caramelized,... More

Cook the Book: Pan-Roasted Mushrooms

Serious Eats Robyn Lee 7 comments

Want to hone your mushroom cooking technique? Give yourself an excuse to splurge on expensive mushrooms by trying Tom Colicchio's recipe for pan-roasted mushrooms from Think Like a Chef. Colicchio's method for pan-roasting mushrooms—making sure to work in small... More

Cook the Book: Braised Red Cabbage

Serious Eats Robyn Lee 1 comment

For a great wintry vegetable side dish that will go with anything, try Tom Colicchio's braised red cabbage from his book,... More

Cook the Book: Duck Confit

Serious Eats Robyn Lee 6 comments

If you don't think you like duck, maybe that's because you haven't eaten duck confit. The formula for duck confit can only equate to deliciousness: Cure duck legs in seasoned salt and garlic for a day, then bake the legs... More

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