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Bouchon Bakery's Crêpe Cake

Serious Eats Emma Kobolakis 6 comments

According to Keller, this is the easiest recipe in the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook. It's also one of the most fun. Toasty vanilla crêpes sandwich layer upon layer of thick, orange-zested pastry cream. More

Bouchon Bakery's TKO Cookies

Serious Eats Emma Kobolakis 8 comments

Think of these as an elegant Oreo. An elegant, giant Oreo. Deeply chocolatey, with a white chocolate based cream that's far more satisfying than sugar paste, these are cookies you can eat alone, or filled, or double filled. Don't tell Keller. More

Thomas Keller's Chicken Breasts with Tarragon

Serious Eats Blake Royer 8 comments

As tough as chicken breasts can be to cook—there's no fat or bone to help mitigate dryness—a pounded chicken "paillard" is as easy. It's a technique that becomes a no-brainer once you learn it, whenever sauteeing the old boneless, skinless standby. By pounding the breast into uniform thickness and watching carefully, you can turn out a surprisingly moist cutlet with plenty of caramelized surface area. Add a delicious pan sauce—this time, by one Thomas Keller—and it's a solid dinner, indeed. More

Smoked Trout, Potato, and Endive Salad

Serious Eats Blake Royer Post a comment

This smoked trout salad from Bouchon makes a creamy, lemony vinaigrette for the flaked fish, brightens it with fresh herbs, and pairs the flavors against the bitterness of the endives. The potatoes are the perfect vehicle for carrying the smokiness of the trout. More

Provençal White Bean Dip

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 12 comments

While in Napa recently, I found and loved a white bean dip at Thomas Keller's Bouchon in Yountville, which came served with pain epi. It was creamy, mild, and mellow, but not bland at all. And it had a distinct advantage over butter—I could slather on as much as I wanted without guilt. More

Cook the Book: Thomas Keller's One-Pot Roast Chicken

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 12 comments

Roasting a chicken is one of the most indispensable skills that a cook can hone, and no one has been championing the simple joys of a roast chicken more than Thomas Keller. So it's not surprising Keller chose to contribute a recipe for One-Pot Roast Chicken to In The Green Kitchen by Alice Waters, a collection of essential skills for home cooks. More

Cook the Book: Ad Hoc's Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 16 comments

"The equation makes perfect sense: a great brine, a dip in buttermilk, and an intensely flavored coating." [Photograph: Caroline Russock] A few months back I read Lucy Baker's review of Ad Hoc's Fried Chicken Mix and basically ran out the... More

Leek Bread Pudding

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 3 comments

The following recipe is from the February 11 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Leave it to Thomas Keller to come up with a side dish that transforms simple leeks... More

Cook the Book: Blowtorch Prime Rib Roast with Horseradish Cream

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 11 comments

[Photograph: Artisan Books] I consider myself very lucky to have a butcher who not only knows his meat but gets as exited about my purchases as I do. When I was picking up the meat to make the Blowtorch... More

Cook the Book: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 24 comments

These cookies were worlds away from Chips Ahoy and remarkable different from the classic Toll House version that so many of us find synonymous with chocolate chip cookies. Their incredible depth of flavor might make you pause and think about the ingredients. For a humble chocolate chip cookie that's a pretty incredible feat. More

Cook the Book: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 13 comments

There was nothing kitschy or dated about this cake, the flavors were complex and totally cohesive, delicious and surprising. For what ever reason pineapple upside-down cake has fallen out of fashion, I think that it's about time to bring it back. More

Cook the Book: Candied Pecans and Herbed Toasted Walnuts

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 5 comments

"I left these on my kitchen counter and by midafternoon the bowl was almost empty." [Flickr: elana's pantry] Memorable dinners don't have to begin with fancy canapés or the perfect amuse-bouche. More often than not, a bowl of mixed nuts... More

The Nasty Bits: Whole Hock

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 22 comments

"I sought a dish that used not only the feet but also the hocks, which are some of the most succulent and tender bits on the animal." How often are you alone in your kitchen with a pair of pigs'... More

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