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Cook the Book: Three-Way Gingersnaps

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 1 comment

Something about gingersnaps—perhaps their subtle, warm spiciness; perhaps their crumbly crunch—reminds me of crisp autumn leaves. Right around this time of year, I start to crave a plate of cookies straight from the oven, paired with a steaming mug of... More

Cook the Book: Whipped Cream Layer Cake

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 3 comments

In the 1970s, the author of this week's Cook the Book Nick Malgieri visited with James Beard, who told him about a cake that was "little more than some sweetened whipped cream, a couple of eggs, and some flour." The... More

Cook the Book: Bittersweet Chocolate Tart

Serious Eats Lucy Baker Post a comment

Everyone needs a chocolate tart recipe in their back pocket--one they can whip up for a last-minute dinner party, a hectic holiday meal, or for a special treat on a chilly Sunday night. Nick Malgieri's... More

Butterscotch Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Serious Eats Lucy Baker Post a comment

The following recipe is from the September 24th edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Everyone loves crunchy, gooey chocolate chunk cookies. This version, from award-winning pastry chef and bestselling cookbook... More

Cook the Book: Chicken Pie with Biscuit Topping

Serious Eats Lucy Baker Post a comment

Pot pies are one of those soul-satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs dishes that start to sound really appealing in the early fall. The leaves are beginning to change, it's getting darker earlier, and there's a bit of a nip in the air. Instead... More

Cook the Book: Rosemary Olive Knots

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 4 comments

Nick Malgieri, author of this week's Cook the Book selection, The Modern Baker, recommends serving these Rosemary Olive Knots split and filled with aged Gruyère, prosciutto, soft goat cheese and roasted peppers, or sliced tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil and... More

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