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Cook the Book: Lox, Eggs, and Onions

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 1 comment

Did you know there is a difference between smoked salmon and lox? Before I moved to New York, I certainly didn't. Sure, they both come from the same fish, but lox is actually pickled in brine—it's not smoked at all.... More

Cook the Book: Rosemary and Chile-Grilled Shrimp with Lemon Zest

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 2 comments

Fairway's ten-year old seafood department is well-known as one of the freshest and best in New York. This is due In large part to head fishmonger Tony Maltese. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Tony was a fisherman long before he... More

Cook the Book: New York Deli-Style Roast Beef Sandwich with Coleslaw and Russian Dressing

Serious Eats Lucy Baker Post a comment

Of all the well-stocked aisles, overflowing produce bins, and plentiful culinary departments at Fairway, none is quite as impressive as the deli counter. Which stands to reason—after all, the market is in New York City, birthplace of the Jewish delicatessen.... More

Cook the Book: Elaine's Clear Vegetarian Borscht

Serious Eats Lucy Baker Post a comment

In the introduction to one of the chapters in this week's Cook the Book selection, The Food Life, author Steven Jenkins states: "a salad without beets is just not a proper salad." I couldn't agree more. Sweet, earthy, brilliantly colored... More

Cook the Book: Sautéed Veal Chop with Arugula Salad

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 1 comment

Today, nearly every American supermarket has a butcher department. But beware—chances are there is no actual butcher on premises. Whoever takes your order likely does not know how to bone a chicken or butterfly a leg or lamb. Not so... More

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