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Taiwanese Danzai Noodle Soup

Serious Eats Cathy Erway 1 comment

Invented by resourceful Taiwanese fisherman as a way of making money during the off season, this delicious noodle soup is packed with a flavorful pork-and-shrimp broth, long-simmered meat sauce, pleasantly chewy wheat noodles, and one lone ceremonious shrimp. The broth and meat sauce require a bit of advance planning, but once ready, it's an incredibly easy dish to throw together. More

Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji)

Serious Eats Cathy Erway 15 comments

Cooked in soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil, and loaded with heaps of whole garlic cloves, slices of ginger, and fresh Thai basil, this classic Taiwanese chicken dish is a perfect reminder of just how good an over-abundance of flavor can be. More

Taiwanese Pork Belly Buns (Gua Bao)

Serious Eats Cathy Erway 5 comments

True Taiwanese pork belly buns have five defining components: the fluffy steamed bun, tender braised pork belly, pickled mustard greens, fresh cilantro, and powdered peanuts. All combined, it's a messy, colorful, glorious snack of salty, sweet, pungent, and fresh flavors, with multiple textures to boot. More

Taiwanese Braised Cabbage With Dried Shrimp, Chilies, and Shiitake Mushrooms

Serious Eats Cathy Erway Post a comment

Soupier than the average sauté, this braised vegetable side course is great for pooling atop plain rice, lending subtle flavor to the entire bowl. More

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Serious Eats Cathy Erway Post a comment

This savory, slightly spicy, winter comfort food is often hailed as the national dish of Taiwan. Its Sichuan influence is conspicuous, yet you won't find this dish in Sichuan province. More

Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes (Fung Li Su)

Serious Eats Cathy Erway 5 comments

Taiwanese pineapple cakes (fung li su) are more like an encased pineapple tart, with a thick, jammy filling and a buttery crust. More

Taiwanese Turkey Rice (Leftovers Welcome)

Serious Eats Cathy Erway 1 comment

In Taiwan, the turkey is typically steamed when preparing this dish. Could leftover, roasted turkey meat work just as well? Here's a resounding yes. More

Chinese Egg Tarts

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 3 comments

These simple tarts found in bakeries, kopitiams, and on dim sum carts feature silky egg yolk custard in crisp pastry shells. More

Taiwanese Oyster Omelet

Serious Eats Cathy Erway Post a comment

Partially translucent from a sticky and somewhat mysterious goo binding fried egg and bits of oyster, and slick with a sweet-and-sour ketchup-based sauce, the Taiwanese oyster omelet is one memorable dish that has a fervid following. More

Stir-Fried Green Beans and Five-Spice Dry Tofu

Serious Eats Cathy Erway 1 comment

There's tofu, and then there's dry tofu. This stir-fry with snappy green beans and rice has a hint of chili and a gingery kick for a tasty and filling meal with that takes all of five minutes to cook. More

Braised Eggplant with Garlic and Basil

Serious Eats Cathy Erway 6 comments

Softened chunks of Asian eggplant braised with garlic, chilies, soy sauce and finished with a flourish of fresh basil for a satisfying yet easy summer dish. More

Dinner Tonight: Taiwanese-Style Clams

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger] To be perfectly honest, I don't have that much experience cooking with clams. They've always seemed to hover in a tricky realm of bivalves. Pricier than mussels, they're usually too much for the average weeknight meal, yet... More

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