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Tony Mantuano's Pea, Bacon and Pecorino

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

As good as peas are, rare is it when they get to take the limelight. But leave it to Tony Mantuano, chef of Chicago's Spiaggia, to give the petite spring vegetable its due. This recipe calls for fresh peas, pea shoots, pea sprouts, and sugar snap peas. All this makes for one bright green, crisp, and fresh salad. More

Quick Pickled Sugarsnap Peas

Serious Eats Marisa McClellan Post a comment

Though I like them raw or gently sautéed until tender-crisp, one of my favorite things to do to sugarsnaps is to quickly pickle them in a gingery, barely sweetened brine. I make them as a refrigerator pickle so that they keep their crunch and eat them with open-face sandwiches or chopped and tossed with grain salads. More

Dinner Tonight: Amagansett Raw Corn, Tomato, and Snap Pea Salad

Serious Eats Blake Royer 1 comment

When looking for recipes to cook, I sometimes head to Food52 and look for the little widget on the side that tells you how many people are currently viewing their recipes. Big surprise that on a day in early August the most popular recipe was the Amagansett Corn Salad made of raw fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and not much else. The idea of raw corn might seem odd but as long as the corn is super fresh, it's all sweetness. More

Dinner Tonight: Scallops with Asparagus and Sugar Snap Peas

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 6 comments

I was sold on this recipe from David Pasternack's The Young Man & the Sea (which, it should be noted, SE overlord Ed Levine co-wrote) from the moment I saw the combination of fresh asparagus and sugar snap peas. Could any recipe scream spring more? Both of them only need a few minutes in a hot pan, and they come out bright green and perfectly tender. Scallops, of course, are always a great addition, and their inherent sweetness really plays well with the vegetables. More

Dinner Tonight: Green Peas and Sugar Snap Peas in Sesame Dressing

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

As I mentioned last Wednesday, I'm between apartments at the moment and am basically subsisting on Asian condiments and bags of frozen vegetables. This recipe, adapted from Epicurious, fits exactly into that framework. The sauce is made from standard Asian... More

Dinner Tonight: Snap Peas, Chili Paste, and Mint

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

I usually don't have to worry about making use of a pound of snap peas. But after finding an unbelievable deal at Stanley's, our local produce superstore, I had to figure out what to do with the green guys, and... More

Dinner Tonight: Spring Minestrone with Brown Basmati Rice

Serious Eats Blake Royer 4 comments

Spring vegetables are beginning to appear in the produce aisle—asparagus, sugar snap peas—so I wanted to take advantage. What I found is one of those absurdly simple recipes that you think just won't work. Or at least, that's what I... More

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