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Robb Walsh's Southern-Style Chicken-Fried Steak

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 3 comments

While researching Texas Eats Robb Walsh set out on a journey of Chicken-Fried Steak discovery. He ate his way around rural Texas, seeking out the best versions of this big Texan standard. Some where memorable, and some not so much, but if you've ever experienced the weighty dish known as the CFS, you've got to hand it to Walsh, his search for the best steak was a stomach stretching exercise to say the least. More

Robb Walsh's Indian Pudding

Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

This Indian Pudding from Robb Walsh's Texas Eats is a decidedly old fashioned dessert. It's a wonderfully wobbly custard made from cornmeal and eggs and sweetened with dark molasses. Warm spices are added to the mix along with a handful of chopped raisins. More

Robb Walsh's Buttermilk Dressing

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 1 comment

In Texas, the ubiquitous chicken fried steak is often plated with fries and a buttermilk ranch dressed salad on the same plate, making the ranch the dip of choice for the fries. Robb Walsh, author of Texas Eats, speculates that the popularity of ranch as a dip comes from Texas's cowboy culture, where those gruff dudes used the creamy-tangy dressing to compliment everything from fries to onion rings and even chicken fried steak. And now we know that we have Texas to thank for those little tubs of ranch meant for pizza crust dippage. More

Robb Walsh's Fresh Field Peas

Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

Robb Walsh, author of Texas Eats keeps his Fresh Field Peas simple with a soul food inspired recipe that begins (as many good things do) with bacon. Onions are sweated in the bacon fat, and the peas are added and simmered with chicken broth, a few pods of okra as a thickener, and a lone chile for heat. Fresh peas don't need too much stove top, just simmer until tender and serve. More

Robb Walsh's Shrimp and Grits

Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

Texas Eats is full of plenty of wonderful recipes for the seasonal specialty that are Texas shrimp, and one of our perennial favorites is Shrimp and Grits, otherwise known as breakfast shrimp. You can't really go wrong with sweet shrimp served over smooth grits, but Walsh steps up the recipe by sautéing the shrimp in bacon fat along with mushrooms, scallions, and garlic, creating a pan sauce that's pretty over the top. And those grits? Well, let's just say that those are the grits of Southern breakfast dreams. More

Robb Walsh's Ancho Brownies

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 2 comments

Folks love to say that everything is bigger in Texas, and while we're not sure about everything, these Ancho Brownies from Robb Walsh's Texas Eats by Robb Walsh are certainly big, sweet, and spicy. More

Cook the Book: Watermelon Margaritas

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 9 comments

The Tex-Mex Grill and Backyard Barbacoa Cookbook has no shortage of Texas-style cocktails, but these Watermelon Margaritas seemed refreshing enough to cool us down, even when the AC wasn't doing the trick. Instead of throwing all of the ingredients into the blender, Robb Walsh uses the watermelon in two ways. First the melon is cut into cubes and gently juiced through a colander to make smooth, entirely seedless, and virtually pulpless juice. Then the watermelon cubes are transferred to the freezer to cool and be used instead of ice cubes. More

Sunday Brunch: El Chico's Chorizo

Serious Eats Ed Levine 4 comments

All serious eaters know how much I love Robb Walsh's books, so why did it take me so long to discover this seriously delicious chorizo recipe, which I've adapted from Mr. Walsh's brilliant The Tex-Mex Cookbook. As Robb notes in... More

Cook the Book: Healthy and Delicious Salsa Picante

Serious Eats Robyn Lee Post a comment

This salsa picante is a homemade version of Pace Foods founder David Pace's famous picante sauce. The key ingredient is chopped fresh jalapeños with the seeds. This salsa may be used as a chip dip, taco sauce, or when heated... More

Chicken Fajitas

Serious Eats Robyn Lee Post a comment

The following recipe is from the January 30th edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! During this Sunday's Superbowl game, refuel the energy you expend while shouting/cheering at your television screen... More

Cook the Book: Carne con Chile

Serious Eats Adam Kuban Post a comment

The first recipe of the week adapted from Robb Walsh's The Tex-Mex Cookbook is for carne con chile. Yes, you read that right—not "chile con carne." Jorge Cortez, (La Margarita in San Antonio), the gentleman who gave Walsh the recipe,... More

Cook the Book: Grady Spears's Dr Pepper Tenderloin

Serious Eats Ed Levine 2 comments

Here's the penultimate recipe of the week from Robb Walsh's Texas Cowboy Cookbook. This recipe puts the very Texan Dr Pepper to a very Texan use--as a marinade for beef tenderloin. The recipe comes former cattle buyer, cookbook author, and... More

Cook the Book: Jalapeño Cheese Fries

Serious Eats Ed Levine Post a comment

Here's the penultimate recipe of the week from Robb Walsh's Texas Cowboy Cookbook. This is a "quintessential Texas side dish," Robb says, "that combines classic American fries with Tex-Mex chile con queso and jalapeños." Make sure to bookmark this recipe... More

Cook the Book: Mexican Pot Roast

Serious Eats Ed Levine 1 comment

Here's today's recipe from Robb Walsh's Texas Cowboy Cookbook. Robb advises cooking this roast until it is "absolutely falling apart." Wrap the tender meat in flour tortillas to serve. Mexican Pot Roast... More

Cook the Book: Paige Denison's Deep-Dish Peach Cobbler

Serious Eats Ed Levine 1 comment

Here's the second recipe from Robb Walsh's Texas Cowboy Cookbook. As Robb says, "Paige Denison is known as the 'Cobbler Queen' on the Adamah Ranch cook-off team. She makes a lattice-crust peach cobbler that may not be historically accurate but... More

Cook the Book: Dutch Oven Scalloped Potatoes

Serious Eats Ed Levine Post a comment

Here's the first of the week's recipes from Robb Walsh's Texas Cowboy Cookbook. These cheesy scalloped potatoes would make a fine meal by themselves but go especially well with, no surprise, grilled meats. Dutch Oven Scalloped Potatoes... More

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