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Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz 10 comments

Sweet and salty, rich and buttery, fragrant with freshly popped popcorn—this ice cream is an easy choice for movie night. More

Buttered Rum and Cranberry Popcorn

Serious Eats Marvin Gapultos Post a comment

This cranberry-studded popcorn is a light enough snack to munch on without being too filling; but its combination of sweet and salty, tangy and boozy is enough to satisfy just until the Thanksgiving feast really starts. More

Caramel-Masala Popcorn and Pistachios from 'Salty Snacks'

Serious Eats Kate Williams 2 comments

Salted caramel corn is one of those magical snacks that manages to taste better and better the more bites you take. (That is, until you've eaten a huge bowl and suddenly realize you've got yourself a major stomach ache.) It's got salt and sweetness, it's got bitter notes from the caramel, and it's got crunchy-airy corn kernels to anchor all that goodness. In Salty Snacks, Cynthia Nims takes this seemingly perfect treat to the next level with warming garam masala and rich pistachios. More

Spicy Cheese-Caramel Popcorn

Serious Eats Jennifer Olvera Post a comment

[Photograph: Jennifer Olvera] About the author: Jennifer Olvera is a veteran food and travel writer and author of Food Lovers' Guide to Chicago.... More

Bluestem's Blue Cheese and Spiced Nutty Corn 

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 1 comment

Stinky, zingy cheeses love sweet stuff—honey, fruit, preserves, and the like but before coming across this recipe for Blue Cheese and Spiced Nutty Corn from Bluestem, we never would have dreamed of giving popcorn a place in the cheese course. More

Black Truffle & Parmesan Popcorn

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 2 comments

Party planner Linnea Johansson likes to serve this party snack in a decorative paper cone. More

Monster Spicy Brittle Candy Bar

Serious Eats María del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

I bring you a monster-sized, cocktail nut-and-apple encrusted, spicy, brittle-based, chocolate-covered, and caramel corn and pepita-sprinkled candy bar. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Chocolate Chipotle Bacon Popcorn

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone Post a comment

Everything's better with bacon, right? Well...this popcorn is better with bacon. The salty/earthy, almost mineral notes of the bacon paired well with the chipotle and, surprisingly, the chocolate. More

Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

Serious Eats cakespy 1 comment

These sweet marshmallow-based popcorn balls work beautifully when studded with candy corn; adding an extra shake of salt makes for a sweet, salty, crunchy, crispy, sticky, and overall pretty irresistible fall treat. More

Pepperoni Powder

Serious Eats Linda Miller Nicholson 17 comments

Spicy Peanut Caramel Corn

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 3 comments

This snack has all the traditional elements of Cracker Jacks—peanuts, popcorn, and caramel—but the flavors are kicked up a notch. Each little peanut nugget is an addictive combination of spicy, sweet, and salty flavors. It will keep for up to... More

Serious Heat: Sizzling Shrimp Popcorn with Jalapeños

Serious Eats Andrea Lynn 3 comments

I once saw a friend top their movie popcorn with the pickled jalapeños meant for the nachos—confiding that they enjoyed not just the spice of the chiles in their popcorn, but also the pickling juice oozing all over it. Then I came across Todd English's recipe for Sizzling Shrimp Popcorn with Jalapeños and was further intrigued. I wasn't sure about the recipe—okay, I'm down to try fresh jalapeños topped over my popcorn, but adding shrimp to the mix? However, I'm an equal-opportunity popcorn eater, so I gave it a whirl. More

Double Peanut Popcorn

Serious Eats Lee Zalben 10 comments

This recipe is perfect for popcorn you've just popped yourself, either with a hot-air popper, the stovetop, or an electric one that uses oil. You can even pop the microwavable kind (make sure it's plain and unsalted) then dress it... More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Cran-Apple White Chocolate Popcorn

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone 8 comments

It happens every September. I want a little taste of fall but I'm not ready for serious fall baking. Happily I am always in the mood to pop popcorn. (And even happier: Popcorn is naturally gluten-free.) One day I decided to toss popcorn with white chocolate, dried fruit, and some spices. Success! I had a little taste of fall and I didn't have to turn on the oven. More

DIY Microwave Popcorn

Serious Eats helenjane 2 comments

There are many brands of microwaveable popcorn to choose from, but it's easy (and cheaper) to do it yourself with a paper bag and popcorn kernels. A little butter, salt, and sugar make this microwaved popcorn the perfect pairing for... More

Super Bowl Snacks: Cajun Caramel Corn

Serious Eats Jenny McCoy 7 comments

Super Bowl Disclaimer: When it comes to sports, Serious Eats is a non-partisan site but we can't stop our contributors from getting a little rah-rah for their favorite football teams this time of year. [Saints helmet, neworleanssaints.com; caramel corn, Jenny... More

Serious Heat: Homemade Gift of Chipotle Caramel Popcorn Crunch

Serious Eats Andrea Lynn 4 comments

[Flickr: hellosputnik] I love going the creative route for Christmas gifts. The tradition began as a child when my mom gave all my teachers a holiday tin full of treats like Swedish snowballs and mini cheesecakes. Homemade gifts showcase the... More

Super Bowl Snacks: Bacon-Cheddar Popcorn

Serious Eats Ed Levine 7 comments

©iStockphoto.com/hidesy Serious bacon lovers know that if bacon had a team in the NFL, it would most certainly be in the Super Bowl. So if you're having people over for the big game, or even if you're watching with immediate... More

Sweet Tweaks Round-Up: Cast Your Votes Now!

Serious Eats Amanda Clarke Closed

Our first-ever Sweet Tweaks contest has yielded a modest but exciting batch of caramel popcorn tweaks, and we can't wait to see which one is your favorite. We've posted all of the entries below. Take a look and submit... More

Cook the Book: Spicy Buttered Popcorn

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 4 comments

Later in the week we'll get to some of Fat's more complicated dishes, such as a classic Cassoulet and an elegant Duck Rillettes, but for now let's start off with a simple Spicy Buttered Popcorn. Author Jennifer McLagan laments the... More

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