'No. 9 Park' on Serious Eats

La Palabra

An apertif style cocktail, this Last Word variant replaces gin with smoky mezcal. In lieu of a maraschino element, floral orange notes are introduced via Combier. Chartreuse forward, the drink lingers on the soft, and bitter citrus finish with all sorts of smoky, funky complexity in between. More

La Vie du Canard

Foie-washed bourbon may be the star, but culinary architecture serves to balance this cocktail. Cynar brings a vegetal component, whiskey barrel aged bitters contribute a bittering agent, aromatics and sweetness come from the Cocchi Americano, and a finishing orange peel rub adds acid and floral notes. More

Mr. Hoy

A variant on a classic, this cocktail is based on an Algonquin (made with rye, dry vermouth and pineapple juice) and is named after Hoy Wong who was a bartender at the New York hotel until the age of 93. Rye and pineapple-infused dry vermouth marry to make a refreshingly light drink with just the right tropical element. Celery bitters lend a peppery punch. More

White Lie

In Cuba, the rum and Coke is known as la mentirita, meaning "little white lie". Execution-wise, Kilpatrick's White Lie is a cross between a Sazerac and a rum and Coke. Instead of the Sazerac's absinthe wash, the glass here gets a spritz of Herbsaint to keep the effect more aromatic. The Coca Cola acts as the sweetener and mingles with a healthy dose of bitters, resulting in a complex and sophisticated cocktail punctuated by toffee notes. More

Modern Cocktail

An amalgam of the "Modern" cocktail recipes in The Savoy Cocktail Book and a few other versions, this drink from Ted Kilpatrick of No. 9 Park in Boston is most distinguished by a cool, mentholated smokiness. Anise from the Pernod hits the nose, but mingles with the nuanced, peaty scotch. It's remarkable how summery a scotch cocktail can be. More

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