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Sunday Brunch: Bacon and Egg Pie

Serious Eats Jenn Sit 8 comments

Have you had enough bacon yet? Bacon of the Month Club giveaway, the answer must be a resounding BRING IT! --> Here's another bacolicious dish to add to the growing collection--bacon and egg pie from The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook:... More

Cook the Book: Lamb Kofta

Serious Eats Jenn Sit 8 comments

Since my friend came back from a trip to Turkey 3 years ago, every time we eat any kind of kebab together, he reminds me of how amazing the lamb kofta was—once he had his first bite of the spiced... More

Cook the Book: Toad-in-the-Hole

Serious Eats Jenn Sit 3 comments

We all know that English food has a pretty bad rep—with dishes named “spotted dick” and “bangers & mash,” it’s not hard to see why. But I’m here today to defend the merits of English pub grub. Maybe it’s just... More

Cook the Book: Rice Noodles with Chinese Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms

Serious Eats Jenn Sit 1 comment

Every time I come home on a college break, the first thing that always happens is either my Mom, Dad, or Grandma asks me if I’m hungry. Before I can give an answer or even if I say no, there’s... More

Cook the Book: Potato Skins with Pancetta and Mixed Herbs

Serious Eats Jenn Sit 2 comments

Back in November, my friends and I entered a tailgating competition for our Williams-Amherst Homecoming festivities. It’s our senior year so we had to go all out, staying in and slaving the entire night before when most people were out... More

Cook the Book: Cauliflower Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Gratin

Serious Eats Jenn Sit 2 comments

If you’re still looking for another side dish for tomorrow’s feastivities, you’ve got to take a look at the cauliflower, prosciutto, and goat cheese gratin recipe from The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: The New Classics. In the past, my dad... More

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