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Cook the Book: Pork with Chives

Serious Eats Grace Kang 1 comment

Begin and end a good week with pork. That sounds like a good rule, no? Starting with pork jerky on Monday, we're going to end this week with pork with chives from Beyond the Great Wall. Now aren't you glad... More

Cook the Book: Napa Cabbage and Red Onion Salad

Serious Eats Grace Kang 1 comment

When fresh greens aren't in season, this Napa cabbage and red onion salad is a perfect dish for some lightness and crunch. Served immediately or made ahead, it'll keep its flavor and texture. It's like coleslaw minus the mayo and... More

Cook the Book: Grasslands Herb Salsa

Serious Eats Grace Kang Post a comment

On the border between Inner Mongolia and Siberia there is a wild town called Manzhouli. It was here, over a meal of lamb hot pot, that the authors first came across this thick herbaceous condiment. Their version of that green... More

Cook the Book: Hani Slow-Baked Pork Jerky

Serious Eats Grace Kang 3 comments

Photograph from adactio on Flickr My favorite jerky memory is of the teriyaki beef jerky you can pick up at the airport in Anchorage, Alaska. My mom always bought bags of it without fail on our layovers at 3... More

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