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Cook the Book: Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce on Couscous with Oregano and Parsley

This recipe for Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce on Couscous with Oregano and Parsley is a hearty, meal-worthy take on the Italian classic eggs in purgatory. A simple tomato sauce is enlivened with Greek oregano and acts as the poaching liquid for farm fresh, pastured eggs. While the eggs gently poach in the sauce, couscous is steamed and croutons are fried. The eggs and sauce are ladled onto the fluffy couscous, topped with crunchy croutons, and finished with parsley and shredded Parmigiano. This is one of those preparations that lets the delicacy of fresh eggs really come through. More

Cook the Book: Beef Jerky

This recipe for Beef Jerky wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I did my shopping for the week, but seeing the thin slices of grass-fed top round laid out behind glass I knew that it was meant to be. The recipe is adapted from Homesick Texan, a blog that celebrates the foods of Texas in New York. The meat is partially frozen for ease of slicing and then marinated in a mix of Worcestershire, garlic, and chiles overnight for maximum jerky flavor. The strips are then laid out on a baking sheet and dried in the oven for a few hours to reach that perfect chewy-snappy texture. More

Cook the Book: Top Sirloin with Baby Spinach and Home Fries

For our first recipe of the week from Deborah Krasner's Good Meat I thought it would be best to choose this Top Sirloin with Baby Spinach and Home Fries, a simple preparation to best showcase the difference between grass-fed and more conventional grain-fed beef. I figured that the minimalist combination of seared steak seasoned with only salt and pepper, over a bed of raw spinach with a few crisp rounds of potato would let the meaty flavors of the grass-fed beef really shine. More

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