'Creole' on Serious Eats

Stuffed Mirliton from 'Treme'

Before opening up the new Treme cookbook, I couldn't pick out a mirliton if it was thrown in my face. But the squash, originally native to the region, appears so frequently in Treme, I now consider myself a relative expert. I had, as it turns out, known the squash by its other name, chayote, and it appears on Latin American menus just as frequently as the traditional Louisiana ones. More

Dinner Tonight: Breakfast Sausage, Home Fries, and Eggs

It's not often, but sometimes I just need to revel in greasy diner fantasy with only meat, eggs, and fried potatoes involved. The trick is to get as many ingredients as possible fried in the sausage fat. Apparently Emeril shares this fantasy with me. This recipe adds a slight Creole twist to this diner classic. A little green bell pepper gives it a nice freshness, and the sprinkling of Creole powder adds some kick. More

Cook the Book: Shrimp Creole

The Shrimp Creole recipe that follows is that of the late Austin Leslie, whose notable career is briefly chronicled in John T. Edge's Southern Belly: The Ultimate Food Lover's Companion to the South. Leslie began cooking at the D. H.... More

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