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Boozy Blueberry-Maple Shake

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

Gin may not be the first spirit that comes to mind for a boozy milkshake, but blueberries and gin are a perfect match, making for a boozy shake that is slightly more sophisticated. More

Blackberry Royale

Serious Eats Heather Meldrom 1 comment

An iced down twist on the classic Kir Royale, this updated version incorporates spicy ginger beer. More

Watermelon and Blackberry Sangria

Serious Eats Heather Meldrom Post a comment

The definition of refreshing, this sangria works well for party since it's ready and prepped in the fridge. More

Modern Gomme Syrup

Serious Eats Kevin Liu 4 comments

Gomme syrup is a classic cocktail ingredient used instead of simple syrup to give drinks a light froth and velvety mouthfeel. In this updated version, I cut down the gum Arabic proportion to make the recipe a little cheaper for the home bartender. More

Apricot and Averna Bourbon Sour

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

This bourbon sour has a nice bitter bite from the Averna to balance the sweetness of the apricot liqueur. More

Apricot Aviation

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

This variation on the classic Aviation cocktail highlights all the best parts of summer stone fruits. More

DIY Apricot Liqueur

Serious Eats Autumn Giles 4 comments

A combination of tart fresh apricots and sweet dried apricots make for the tasty and complex apricot liqueur. More

Kale Pineapple Basil Smash

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

Muddled fresh basil, fresh pineapple juice, kale juice, and rye combine for a delicious sweet-tart, herbaceous green smash. More

Kale Collins

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

A green take on a traditional gin collins, made with muddled lovage, cucumber slices, and lemon juice. More

Kale Ginger Daiquiri

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

When shaken, kale juice makes an especially frothy daiquiri. More

Grilled Tomato and Toasted Chili Cocktail

Serious Eats Heather Meldrom 1 comment

Smoky, but not overpowering, fresh tomatoes and lime juice keep this chili-spiced cocktail bright and refreshing. It's perfect for brunch on a hot summer day. More

Grilled Peach Whiskey Sour

Serious Eats Heather Meldrom 2 comments

Tangy tamarind soda adds a surprise twist to this grilled peach and bourbon drink. The soda and peaches are just sweet enough that no extra sugar is needed. More

Upgraded Mind Eraser

Serious Eats Jeff Lucas Post a comment

Despite the name, the classic Mind Eraser is really just a watered down Black Russian. This version subs in mighty 151-proof rum to give it a little more kick. It's worth seeking out Lemon Hart 151 for its rich, bold flavor. More

The Hugo Cocktail from 'The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen'

Serious Eats Kate Williams 1 comment

Inspired by and named for the infamous hurricane that wrecked the Carolina coast in 1989, Matt and Ted Lee's Hugo cocktail is just as fierce as its namesake. At its core, the beverage is a riff on a Dark and Stormy, but it uses a serious dose of fresh ginger juice instead of the soda. The juice (plus the rum, of course) is strong enough to distract the drinker from any storm heading inland. More

Jeff Faile's Negroni D'Amore

Serious Eats Brian Oh Post a comment

Ransom Old Tom gin adds richness to this Negroni variation from Fiola in Washington DC. More

Improved Gin Cocktail

Serious Eats Michael Dietsch 1 comment

The Improved Cocktail was originally more a template than a recipe. It was originally a way to take a basic cocktail and... well ... improve it, by adding another ingredient. More

Bitter Salty Perro

Serious Eats Heather Meldrom 4 comments

A riff on a Salty Dog, this cocktail is excellent with a 100% agave blanco tequila—or try a joven mezcal. More

Tequila and Campari with Tangerine

Serious Eats Heather Meldrom 1 comment

Tequila works surprisingly well with the bitter flavors of Campari in this easy pitcher cocktail. AƱejo tequila complements the bright, sunny tangerine juice in the mix. More

Rhubarb and Roses

Serious Eats Autumn Giles Post a comment

Rhubarb is a noted ingredient in the Italian aperitif Aperol. Pairing Aperol with the rhubarb shrub really highlights this flavor note and lets the more savory side of rhubarb shine. More

Rhubarb Shrub

Serious Eats Autumn Giles 2 comments

Tart rhubarb practically begs to celebrated in a shrub. More

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