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Cook the Book: Farro Risotto with Butternut Squash, Ham, Sage, and Toasted Walnuts

Serious Eats Emily Koh Post a comment

Unlike other members of the wheat family, farro (Italian for "emmer wheat") hasn't gotten as big of a push into the spotlight, although it has started to appear on menus in soups and salads. It also isn't stocked as widely,... More

Cook the Book: Healthy and Delcious Buckwheat Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Dilled Yogurt Cheese

Serious Eats Emily Koh Post a comment

It's rare for me to find a pancake that satisfies. Let me clarify: whenever I go out to brunch, the first thing that leaps out at me are the pancakes. The idea of pancakes are always enticing—soft, fluffy discs of... More

Cook the Book: Thai Chicken Soup with Chinese Black Rice

Serious Eats Emily Koh 4 comments

Plain white rice was always that reliable staple in my house that you could pair with anything because of its relative blandness—it soaked up strong, spicy flavors well, and was always on standby to be consumed along with the main... More

Cook the Book: Healthy and Delicious Quinoa Cake with Crystallized Ginger

Serious Eats Emily Koh 1 comment

One of the reasons why I started eating healthier in recent months is because of my health-conscious roommate from this past fall. While I love my roast pork and lamb chops too much to ever consider going vegetarian like she... More

Cook the Book: Barley-Chorizo Skillet Pie

Serious Eats Emily Koh 3 comments

Think "barley," and the first thing that comes to my mind is usually feed for livestock—I don't even consider it under the header of "whole grains," which I equate with oats or whole wheat, and I'm sure I can't be... More

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