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Cook the Book: Coconut Bebinca 

When thinking about Indian desserts, a delicately layered cake of crêpes and custard isn't the first thing that springs to mind. But according to Anjum Anand, author of Anjum's New Indian, a bebinca is a classic Goan dessert. Traditionally made up of 16 layers of coconut milk pancakes layered with ghee, Anand lightens it up ever so slightly by replacing the ghee with coconut custard and cutting the number of layers in half. More

Cook the Book: Kashmiri Chicken

Anjum Anand is on a crusade to change the way we look at Indian food. Her mission is to familiarize Western cooks with ingredients and techniques as well as lightening up classic dishes to make for a more healthful eating experience. This Kashmiri Chicken from her recently released Anjum's New Indian does both by creating a simple to put together dish that relies on an array of spices and vegetables for flavor instead of fat. More

Radish and Yogurt Chutney

This Radish and Yogurt Chutney from Anjum Anand's Anjum's New Indian takes all of the elements of a classic raita and adds shredded radishes in place of cucumber. The sauce has the same clean, cool flavor, but the radish adds a great pepperiness and lovely fuchsia tone. Adding a bit of chopped green chile is optional, but the spiciness compliments the cool radish raita beautifully. More

Cook the Book: Bengali Squash with Chickpeas 

Two unique and possibly unfamiliar flavors in this dish are Asafoetida and panch phoron. Asafoetida is a strong-smelling powdered spice that adds oniony notes of sautéed leeks. Panch phoron is a blend of five spices including nigella seed, fenugreek, cumin, fennel, and either celery or radhuni seed. Incorporating these spices in with mildly sweet butternut squash and earthy chickpeas makes for a wonderfully warm and hearty vegan curry. More

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