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Double Dark Chocolate Cookies

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

In need of an off-the-charts chocolate fix? Look no further folks. This cookie is as chocolaty as can be. More

Mini Coconut Macaroons

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 8 comments

It can't be helped. These teeny tiny macaroons are just adorable. Bonus: they're tasty and gluten-free. More

5 Minute Fudgy Chocolate Microwave Cake

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 22 comments

Need a dessert pronto? Stir this up in the pan and 5 minutes later you're eating a delicious fudgy cake. More

Peanut Butter Reese's Pieces Blondies

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 4 comments

These peanutty bar cookies are jammed with Reese's Pieces on top for an extra pop of chocolate-PB flavor. More

Spooky Chocolate "Salami"

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold Post a comment

This spooky chocolate treat is filled with chopped up marshmallows and comes together in a flash. More

Fudgiest Espresso Cashew Brownies

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 5 comments

Decadent, fudgy brownies with a kick of espresso and a handful of crunchy sweet cashews. Extra whisking will give you a crustier top. More

Microwave Mocha Mug Cake

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 4 comments

The fastest chocolate fix ever—this warm and fudgey cake-for-one is zapped up and ready to eat in mere minutes. More

Nutella Chocolate Pudding

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 6 comments

Treat yourself to this rich and creamy pudding made of bittersweet chocolate and nutty hazelnut-chocolate spread. More

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

Get your peanut butter on with these buttery, honey roasted peanut-y, Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal bars. More

Vanilla Pudding

Serious Eats Anna Markow Post a comment

Though many pudding recipes do not include eggs, I like yolks in my vanilla pudding for a little extra richness and color, and for that "French vanilla" flavor. More

Chewy Malted Milk Chocolate Cookies

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 7 comments

Buttery, milk-malty, and chocolatey, these one-bowl cookies are eggless too. More

Basil Cornmeal Sandwich Cookies with Apricot Filling

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 7 comments

In these summery sandwiches, cornmeal cookies are flavored with fresh basil and layered with apricot jam. More

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes with Maple Roast Rhubarb

Serious Eats Anna Markow 1 comment

Tart roasted rhubarb compote is a lovely alternative to pure maple syrup. Whole wheat flour with a little roughly ground oats thrown in make fluffy, tasty pancakes. More

Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 2 comments

Frozen banana popsicles coated in chocolate and nuts. More

Creamy Chocolate Polenta

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 4 comments

This warm chocolatey pudding is eggless, creamy, and a snap to make if you use fine grain or instant polenta. More

Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 8 comments

These chewy, coconut oatmeal cookies are bursting with chocolate chips (and they're vegan too!) More

Peanut Butter and Jam Turnovers

Serious Eats Sydney Oland 3 comments

Puff pastry turnovers stuffed with peanut butter and jelly. More

Brie and Nutella Grilled Cheese

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

A dessert grilled cheese made with Nutella and creamy brie. More

Toasted Almond and Strawberry Friands

Serious Eats Anna Markow 1 comment

Friands are incredibly simple, easy cakelets that keep well in both baked and unbaked forms. A perfect moist foil for a cup of tea or coffee, they're closely related to financiers and madeleines and are very easy to adapt to any taste. More

Chocolate Chip Whisky Muffins

Serious Eats Anna Markow 4 comments

With slightly fruity bittersweet chocolate and some fresh cinnamon, these chocolate chip whisky muffins are a great way to start your day. Don't forget to warm them up so the chocolate is melty and top them off with some salted butter. More

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