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The Food Lab: How to Make Vegan Stuffing That Really Rocks

I've only ever had one criterion for my vegan recipes: They must be good enough that even an avowed meat-head would gladly down them. I wanted a stuffing with deep, complex, savory flavors that bakes up with a moist texture almost like a savory bread pudding. I wanted stuffing so good that it'll be the first side dish to disappear from the table. A stuffing so good that my meat-eating family would attack and devour it with reckless abandon. More

The Pizza Lab: The Best English Muffin Pepperoni Pizza

We all know the first law of Pizza-Like Objects: If it's made with some combination of zesty tomato sauce, a wheat-based bready product, and oozy melted cheese with a hint of pepperoni, it's going to taste good. Perhaps not great, but reliably pretty good. And that's the problem with English muffin pizza. It's good stuff, to be sure, but the thing about good things is that they all have the ability to be great. More

Pizza Lab: How to Make Ramen Crust Pizza

It looks like pizza, smells like pizza, it even tastes a little like pizza, but it's not pizza. At least, not inasmuch as pizza is defined by its bread-based crust. The slice you are looking at shares much in common with pizza. It's got gooey melted cheese. It's got a robust tomato sauce that balances zestiness and sweetness with just the right bit of zip. It's got a crisp underbelly and a soft, moist, tender interior. It just happens to be made with noodles instead of dough. More

Video: Making Udon Miso and Cheese

I came across this Udon Miso 'n' Cheese concept while experimenting for an event last fall in which a few non-Japanese chefs got together to make Japanese food. While messing around with the idea of udon risotto, I discovered that miso, butter, parmesan and wheat starch taste just like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (in a good way). More

Video: Rooftop Farms in China

I'm a big fan of rooftop films and have made a point of sharing them in videos in order to share what rooftop amazingness is possible. It may be old hat in America, but in China, where food scares and the dangers of pesticides and pollution are only beginning to show their true colors, the new farming movement is just blossoming. More

Cevapcici Appetizer

I decided to bake, then broil, the sausage for a bit of extra browning. The Currant-Mustard Sauce that accompanies them is not remotely traditional, but works well, particularly when serving the cevapcici as an appetizer.... More

Homemade Pork Floss

Pork floss: it's a strange name, but a fitting description for the light, fluffy, thread-like seasoned dried pork product that can be used to add porkiness to just about anything. Although it's easily found at Chinese grocery stores in large, clear plastic containers, you can also make a fresh batch in your own kitchen. Check out Chow Times' pork floss recipe with step-by-step photos next time you get a hankering for pork floss (or perhaps if you want to fill your home with sweet, porky fumes). If you don't know what to use pork floss for, read Chow Times' earlier pork floss post for ideas. My favorite way of eating it is just to put it on rice. Boring... More

Ice Cream that Pulsates with the Blood of Marshmallow Goodness

This bowl of homemade ice cream from My Husband Cooks may look innocent, but deep within its sweet, milky, aerated folds lurk chopped salted and roasted cashews, toffee chunks and marshmallow fluff. The flavor, dubbed Uneven Pavement Ice Cream, was born from a desire to create something reminiscent of Rocky Road Ice Cream but with more marshmallow intensity: I wanted veins of precious white marshmallow fluff running through the heart of my ice cream. I wanted the taster to discover strands of marshmallow sticking to the roof of her mouth. And I wouldn’t settle for the jarred fluff. No, sir. I looked up the recipe for making my own. Check out the recipe to churn out a batch of... More

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