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Casting Call for New Food Network Reality Show

Do you dream of eating at hot spots around Los Angeles with your closest friend—while racing against another team? Check out this casting call for the Food Network's forthcoming show Eat The Clock, which seems like it's going to be a food-based Amazing Race. [via Eater LA]... More

Brooklyn Singles Lookin' For Love... and a Good Dinner

Still from 'Feed Me: Brooklyn' episode 8. "Charming, young, single Brooklynite looking for that attractive and interesting special someone who shares passion for food and cooking. Confident and takes charge in the kitchen." If this sounds like right for you or anyone you know, they might be a good candidate for Feed Me: The Brooklyn Cooking Dating Show, a new online dating show for foodies in Brooklyn. The show pairs up Brooklyn singles that share a penchant for good eats, and has one make dinner for the other at the warm and cozy Brooklynphoto Studio kitchen in Williamsburg: "It's about as non-creepy as you can get. It's all about food and conversation. Think 'My Dinner with Andre,' except it's... More

Sorry 'Top Chef' Fans, No Sam Talbot Food for You

Top Chef heartthrob and eventual winner Harold Dieterle's restaurant Perilla opened recently in New York City's West Village, and Season Two hottie Sam Talbot was supposed to follow suit on the Lower East Side in the middle of June with a gastropub called Spitzer's Corner. But according to Eater, he and his business partners have called it quits—they're still opening the restaurant, but he's no longer involved with the operation. Too bad, the place sounds great, and I was really looking forward to checking him, er, it, out. (Dieterle is still the only contestant with a restaurant in Manhattan, but Season Two's Josie Malave opened her own place, Island Cafe Bar and Lounge, in Queens back in March.) Related:... More

Top Chef 3: Miami Vice

Eater just posted the press release for the upcoming third season of Top Chef, set to premiere June 13 at 10 p.m. ET. I loved the first season, most of which I saw in a marathon before the finale, and tuned out the second, but I think I might actually watch this one through! Big changes: The show is now located in Miami and set at the beachfront Fontainebleau Hotel, which I'm guessing means we're going to be seeing fresh fruit, seafood, Latin influences, and bikinis galore. Padma fans, please shut your mouths and stop drooling all over your keyboards in anticipation—it's very unattractive. Also Ted Allen of Queer Eye fame is joining the show as a judge. Either... More

Chopped: Food Network Searches for Top Sous-Chefs

Bravo's uber-successful reality series/competition Top Chef will be airing its third season this summer, and I guess maybe the Food Network was feeling sad and unloved, so they put up an ad on Craigslist for their own version of the show: "Chopped, a Food Network cooking competition is currently casting sous-chefs, who want to test their culinary skills against those of other sous-chefs. The show begins with four competitors and ends with only one as the winner." On Top Chef, competitors include sous-chefs, executive chefs (albeit ones from small restaurants), and people fresh from culinary school, so while it's nice that the competitors on Chopped will be getting more attention and respect, doesn't having a sous-chef-only competition imply that... More

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