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East Boston, MA: The Ravioli Specials at Rino's Place

It's not that the menu at Rino's is so unusual; it's a red sauce joint. But it's a great red sauce joint, with from-scratch pastas, perfectly executed sautés, portions that make Nona's look skimpy, and service that's just as tender and grandmotherly. It's crowded. It's chatter-y. It can be hard to park. It's neighborhood-y. It's awesome. More

Cook the Book: Lemon and Goat Cheese Ravioli

This recipe for Lemon and Goat Cheese Ravioli is one of the most vibrant recipes in Plenty, both visually and taste-wise. The fresh pasta dough includes both turmeric and lemon zest, hence the bright, beautiful yellow. Once rolled out (surprisingly simple thanks to Ottolenghi's food processor dough method) it's stuffed with soft, mild goat cheese given a little kick from red and black pepper. More

Snapshots from Germany: Swabian Maultasche

This might look like an oversized ravioli, taste like ravioli, and it's even prepared and cooked like ravioli. But don't be fooled; this isn't ravioli, this is Maultasche (literally translated into Mouthbag). Maultasche is a distinct German dish typical of the southwestern region of Baden-Württemberg, known as Swabia, on the border of France and Switzerland. More

Cook the Book: Sweet Potato Ravioli in Cheese Broth

For as long as I've been eating at Frankies Spuntino, I've been trying to figure out what makes their Sweet Potato Ravioli in Cheese Broth so incredible. It's the one dish I order without fail, and I've been trying to uncover what sets these ravioli apart, aside from the fact that they use wonton wrappers instead of a more traditional (and labor intensive) pasta dough. It was the first recipe I looked up when getting my hands on a copy of The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual by Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo. There it was in the ingredients list—the secret was the Chinese five-spice powder. More

How to Make Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta is made from a few simple ingredients, using a straightforward method. But getting it just right requires some coaching, a lot of practice, and a few good tips. This primer from expert pasta-making chef Anna Klinger of Al Di La in Brooklyn can help get you started or put you back on track, and inspire you to make this recipe for casunsiei (beet and ricotta ravioli). More

Casunsiei (Beet and Ricotta Ravioli)

This is a signature dish at Al Di La, and one that I love to order. The jewel-colored beet filling shines through the delicate pasta, just bidding to be eaten. They are so sublimely delicious, I always want more. Now I can make and eat as many as I want at home...and you can too. More

Blogwatch: Deep-Fried Ravioli

Jessica of The Hungry Mouse demonstrates her technique for deep-frying ravioli, using four-cheese ravioli with a parsley garnish. You can use either fresh or frozen ravioli, as long as you defrost the frozen ones completely. She provides a helpful step-by-step guide to the process with plenty of somewhat, shall we say, graphic photos. Word of warning: Once the ravioli come out of the deep fryer, they look a bit like horribly tasty burn victims. There are bubbles all over the little ravioli, crying out for teeth to sink into their crispy skin. Just tell yourself that you're putting them out of their misery.... More

Photo of the Day: Ravioli with Favas and Arugula

I love the colors in Jennifer's plate of ravioli with favas and arugula accompanied by lemon and arugula puree and topped with shaved Pecorino cheese. If only I had beet and goat cheese ravoli, or fresh fava beans, or arugula, or cooking skills, or culinary creativity. Check out the rest of Jennifer's home cooking at Last Night's Dinner.... More

Lazy Ravioli

Marce from Pip in the City, on her lazy ravioli: "I was too tired to make the ravioli dough from scratch, so I grabbed a pack of won ton wrappers I had in the freezer and made some huge ravioli with a shitake-panko-potato flakes-onions-parmessan filling with a mozzarella cube in the center, served with a very simple tomato sauce." Necessity is the mother of invention, and also in this case of tastiness. [via not martha]... More

Making Your Food Too Delicious Is A Good Problem To Have

La Tartine Gourmande, on the unfortunate irresistibleness of her Butternut Squash and Sage Ravioli: "I had initially planned to keep some ravioli for our respective lunches the following day, but my plan failed. We could not stop. One more, and one more again, until it became obvious that lunch for the next day was slowly becoming more of a wish than a reality. In the end, there was only barely enough for a one-person lunch."... More

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