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14 Ramp Recipes To Celebrate The Season

There are some folks out there who don't like the culture of ramps. I get it. They're seasonal. They're expensive. They're only available on the East Coast to those people who are lucky enough to have them growing in their back yard, or are willing to get up early to beat the crowds at the farmer's market. These are all valid reasons for disliking the culture and mythos built up around something that in the end, is really just another onion. I myself am not a fan of this mythos. At the same time I admit to the hypocrisy of being one of its biggest contributors. Here are just 14 of the ways in which you may also find yourself joining the ranks of ramp lovers. More

Ramp Week: Ramp Gravy

Cream gravy, made with a blond roux, onions, cream, and plenty of black pepper is a natural partner for buttery mashed potatoes, chicken-fried steak, or yes, biscuits. After all, what goes better with fatty starch than a bit of starchy fat? More

Ramp Week: Ramp Drop Biscuits

Biscuits are so neutral on their own that they make an awesome vehicle for the sweet, mild flavor of ramps. If your ramps are younger, earlier, skinnier little guys, you can thinly slice the bulb and add it right in. If not, use only the leaves (unless you want to caramelize the bulbs in a little butter first). More

Ramp Week: Grilled Ramps

Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. Strike that. Usually the simplest methods are the best. We continue our rampage with my favorite cooking method: simple grilling. Fresh spring ramps, tossed in a bit of olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and cooked over a roaring hot fire. It's the ideal way to enhance the natural flavor of this awesome wild spring vegetable. More

Ramp Week: How To Make The Rampiest Risotto

The great thing about ramps is that unlike, say, garlic, they can give you all that awesome sweet onion-y flavor without leaving your breath smelling like garlic. I mean, they do leave your breath smelling like ramps, but that's a much finer, rarer thing to smell like. People will literally want you to breathe into their face after eating a bowl full of this extra-ramp-y ramp risotto. More

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