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New Beer: Stiegl Grapefruit Radler

You've probably heard of a shandy—a beer mixed with cider or sparkling lemonade (or sometimes ginger ale). The German-speaking variation of this easy-drinking beverage, the radler, usually calls for sparkling lemonade or Sprite—and Austria's Stiegl brewery has been exporting a bottled lemon radler to the US since 2004. But now you can also find a grapefruit radler from Stiegl—and you should track one down, because it's quite tasty. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Aalborg Akvavit

I actually like gift-giving and I love revelry, but I'd prefer to do both at my own pace. I fancy myself an inspired thing-slinger and day-commemorator, so I hate resorting to cliché garbage at the last minute when the muse declines to visit in time to appease the tyrants at the calendar factory. This presents a particular problem on Valentine's Day, because by the middle of February my thoughtfulness reserves have been depleted by all the regular winter holidays plus Emily's birthday, which her parents recklessly decided to stage on February 7. More

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