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Utterly Ridiculous, Totally Cheesy Pizza Podcast

WFMU's Best Show Gems with Tom Scharpling from 6/14/2010 My friend Dave sent me this ridiculous radio podcast from The Best Show with Tom Scharpling on WFMU, an independent free form station broadcasting at 91.1 FM in New York, at 90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley, and online at wfmu.org A dude calls the show from (the fake) Pizza Aficionado magazine. He dubs all pizza fans 'Zabras and awkwardly engages the host in a conversation about ridiculous pizza shenanigans. Oddly they mention the United States of Pizza series. Then talk about all this other weird stuff like pizza gang... More

Listen to Ed on 'The Takeaway' Radio Program Talk About Favorite Northeastern Foods

In case you missed Ed's appearance on the news show The Takeaway with host John Hockenberry this morning (we won't blame you, it was 6:49 AM EST) you can listen to it here. They chat about emblematic regional foods from all over the Northeast, including Rhode Island's coffee milk, Philly cheesesteaks, Maine's lobster rolls, and well, Delaware was a toughie. Hot dogs? Blue crabs? Salt water taffy? More

Serious Eater Kerry Saretsky on BBC Oxford Radio

Our former intern Kerry Saretsky, who wowed us with all her original recipes and remains our French in a Flash correspondent, is now wowing the BBC airwaves. She appeared on Joel Hammer's Sunday Lunch show on BBC Oxford radio yesterday. After explaining her contemporary twist on French classics and American blogging experience with "that Ed Levine chap," she shares a four-course dinner involving pot au feu, or pot on the fire, that's "fancy enough for company but simple enough for the family." We are so proud of Kerry, and can't wait to hear more of her on the program over the next few weeks. You can listen to Kerry between 1:20:00 and 1:27:00 (the program requires Real Player). Related:... More

The Return of the $2 Slice?

Just heard a promo for the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. Apparently they're going to be talking about "the return of the $2 slice," and had a quick tease of a pizzeria owner on 22nd or 23rd Street talking about how cheese prices had come down and he had lowered prices along with them. If so, this is the first time I've heard of a pizzeria actually going back to a lower price. (Now if only the subway fare would stay at two bucks.) You can listen to the show at 93.9FM, AM820, or online.... More

NPR Interview With Greg Patent On Ethnic Baking

If you're interested in learning about baked goods from around the world, check out NPR's interview with Greg Patent, author of A Baker's Odyssey, his cookbook that features the recipes of immigrants from over 30 countries. During the interview he makes his grandma's recipe for cheese sambouseks, "the Iraqi version of empanaditas." [Thanks to Jeffrey for the heads up.]... More

Marilyn Harris, Cincinnati's Own Martha Stewart

Chuck Martin of the Cincinnati Enquirer, on local radio host Marilyn Harris, his city's own Martha Stewart: "Several years ago at a conference in San Francisco, someone at the dinner table had the gall to ask Marilyn Harris what she did for living. Before she could answer, a friend piped up:"Marilyn's in charge of food in Cincinnati."Everyone laughed, but it is pretty much an accurate job description. Restaurant critics, food writers and trendy chefs come and go, but no one wields as much power on the local food scene as the host of the weekly radio program, "Cooking with Marilyn," 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday on WKRC-AM (550). This year, Harris marks her 20th year behind the microphone, serving cooking... More

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