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Sunday Brunch: Simply Perfect Quiche

Tartine's quiche recipe is, unsurprisingly, simple but perfect. The incorporation of crème fraîche makes the custard irresistibly tastier and fluffier, almost like a savory dessert. Keeping the flavoring to thyme, salt, and pepper allows you really to appreciate the eggs and crust. You can, of course, use any unsweetened pastry crust to make quiche, but I thought this generous recipe worked particularly well. More

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Savory Pies

Chicken empanadas. [Photograph: Sarah @ Short Stop] Last week on the Weekend Cook and Tell challenge we asked all of you to forgo your ideas about pies being sweet and fruity confections. We wanted you to think outside the pastry box and create savory pies, quiches, emapanadas, pasties, and turnovers. Winter months proved to be the perfect time for all of you to test out your non dessert baking skills. Our responses were full of crusty and flaky goodness. Check them out, after the jump.... More

Blogwatch: We Are Never Full's Asparagus, Cremini, and Tomato Tart

Amy of We Are Never Full opines that she is not the biggest fan of Bon Appetit, but the magazine's version of this tart caught her eye—and her version caught ours. Amy's tart combines both puff pastry and pie crust, ricotta and petite Jurassic cheeses, as well as salami and a garden of vegetables for this "lighter than quiche" pastry: Using various different veggies and ricotta over all eggs helped me convince myself that I was eating healthy. Even after a few helpings, I knew I was kidding myself. Indulgence is encouraged with beach season behind us. And anyway, this is lighter than quiche. Serving it "à cheval" with a runny egg on top makes it ideal for a... More

Two Quiche Recipes

Sheryl Cababa of Crispy Waffle has been making a lot of quiches lately as presents for all her friends who've just had babies and don't have time to cook. She says, "I don't know anyone who doesn't like quiche, and honestly, who doesn't like an all-butter pastry crust? I have two options here: one with bacon, and one with spinach and mushrooms for those that don't dig meat. But, you can basically use any savory ingredients that you would use in an omelet-- it'll all taste good."... More

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