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Serious Eats Rorschach, Day 2

The response to the Food Rorschach test has been overwhelming and extremely gratifying. So gratifying that I feel compelled to offer a second food rorschach, based in part on questions posted by readers. And maybe what we'll do is try to do a single food rorschach question every day. I figure between our collective imaginations we should be able to come up with one good one a day for the foreseeable future. And if it stops being fun and starts to seem forced, you'll tell me and we'll stop. So here is the Day 2 Rorschach Test: 1) Thin or Thick-Crusted Pizza (Known in certain locales as a casserole) 2) Fried Chicken Drumstick or Wing 3) Ruffles or Regular Potato... More

First Annual Serious Eats Food Rorschach Test

Presenting the first annual Serious Eats Food Rorschach Test. Your answers will provide a window into your inner soul (food and otherwise). But unlike other (psychologists and psychiatrists) professionals who administer Rorschach tests, I have no way of interpreting the results. And since this is a self-administered Rorschach, you can interpret the results any way you see fit. If it's not too painful I would appreciate everyone who takes the test to share his or her results in any way you deem appropriate. 1) Haggen Dasz or Ben & Jerry's? 2) Skippy or Jif? 3) Bagel or Bialy? 4) Whipped or Regular Cream Cheese? 5) Relish or Sauerkraut on your hot dogs? 6) Milk or Dark Chocolate? 7) Salted... More

"Do rich people eat tacos?"

Photo courtesy of The Great Taco Hunt I don't know who Cindy Price is, but she wrote a great mouthwatering story in today's NY Times about her search for the ultimate taco along Route 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cindy hit 28 taquerias in five days. That's some serious taco eating. She started in LA, and hit my favorite taqueria there, El Taurino. El Taurino is a little scary (the last time I was there an armed guard kept watch over the dining room), but the tacos there are fantastic. She headed up to Santa Barbara, where before she tried the late Julia Child's favorite taqueria, La Super Rica Taqueria, she posed the following question: "Do rich... More

Another Bacon Contender

An ELE reader posted singing the praises of Broadbent bacon I'm going to order some. We got a baconthon goin' on. Anybody else have a bacon to rhapsodize over? Has anyone else noticed that all pictures of bacon look the same? Maybe there's one photo of bacon that all companies use.... More

Crisp or Pliant, How Do You Like Your Bacon?

I was at the Fairway Cafe yesterday eating a plate of overcooked scrambled eggs when I started stewing about the state of bacon there, and at most breakfast spots across this land. Much too often, the bacon served to us is suffering from BACON RIGORMORTIS. That is, it is so stiff it could be used as a straight edge ruler. Now I don't mind crisp bacon, though I prefer pliant, tender strips of pig with crisp edges. But stiff, cold or room-temperature bacon which has been cooked an hour or two before it's served simply doesn't cut it. Is it too much to ask when we cross over to the nutritional dark side to have bacon with a little give... More

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