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Pizza Obsessives: Andris "Man of Steel" Lagsdin

Slice Meredith Smith 21 comments

There are pizza makers and there are pizza game changers. Today's Pizza Obsessive, Andris Lagsdin, is in the latter camp. Thanks to his Baking Steel, you really are able to create the "crust you crave" at home. A recent Pizza Lab testing has more than a few of us replacing our stones with steel. So without further ado, let's get this pizza hero in the hot seat. More

Pizza Obsessives: August "Gus" Mueller

Slice Meredith Smith 4 comments

Slice made a Twitter connection with today's pizza obsessive back during the KettlePizza Insert testing in June. Through his blog shapeof.com, it quickly became apparent that we had a real pizza obsessive on our hands. Get to know August "Gus" Mueller a little better during today's q&a! More

Meet & Eat: Stephanie Moreno, Spirits Buyer, Astor Wines & Spirits

Drinks Laren Spirer Post a comment

Some may think that Stephanie Moreno has the dream job: tasting spirits made all over the world and deciding which to stock at Astor Wines & Spirits, one of New York's biggest and best liquor stores. Stephanie might agree. This native Texan and former fishmonger has turned using her tastebuds into a career through focused education and tasting, tasting, tasting. More

Meet & Eat: Blair Reynolds, Trader Tiki

Drinks Laren Spirer 2 comments

Since 2009, Blair Reynolds of Trader Tiki has been making small-batch syrups for home bartenders and professionals, with the goal of bringing tiki drinks to the masses without sacrificing quality or flavor. More

Meet & Eat: Dave Cook, Eating in Translation

New York Laren Spirer 7 comments

This wandering eater turned his tasting notes into a blog in 2005, and the rest, as they say, is history. Dave Cook has spent the past five years wandering in and around New York, and sometimes beyond, and has chronicled... More

Meet & Eat: Lynette Marerro, President of LUPEC

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

Photo: Leo Borovskiy, Lush Life Productions In anticipation of this weekend's Manhattan Cocktail Classic, we decided to highlight some of the amazing female talent behind the bar. Given all of that expertise, it's no surprise that New York is the... More

Meet & Eat: Jessica Mahady, Veggie Conquest

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

Some Serious Eaters shudder when they hear the word "vegan." Not Jessica Mahady, founder and organizer of Veggie Conquest, a regular vegan cookoff that threatens to convert even the most carnivorous New Yorker. Jessica took some time to tell us... More

Meet & Eat: Greg Boehm, Mud Puddle Books

New York Laren Spirer Post a comment

Imagine taking a trip back in time to the days before Prohibition. In this era, bartenders like Jerry Thomas and Harry Johnson preached the gospel of cocktails far and wide, and elevated the craft of tending bar to the highest... More

Meet & Eat: Emily Wines, Master Sommelier

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

No, that is not a typo; that's her real name. Emily Wines is not only lucky enough to have the perfect moniker to match her chosen profession, but she's damn good at what she does. Emily is a Master Sommelier... More

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