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Purslane 101

Purslane is a summer green that has food people infatuated and gardeners annoyed. Discover purslane with this introductory lesson on what it is and how to use it in an agnolotti pasta recipe from Craftbar chef Lauren Hirschberg. More

Purslane Agnolotti

Purslane has crept into seasonal restaurant menus this summer, but you might not actually know what it is. Pur-who? I had never heard of the sweet, mildly sour succulent, but once I caught wind of the purslane trend, I started noticing it at farmers' markets. It turns out this exotic weed has a bit of a cult following. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Purslane

It's amazing how many of my meals start on Twitter. Rarely, however, does a food suggestion from Twitter get delivered to my door. The other day, a friend mentioned that his favorite summer salad involved onions, ripe tomatoes, and purslane. I wrote back: "I've never even eaten purslane before. That sounds intriguing." A few days later, he showed up at our house with purslane and the ingredients for a simple salad. More

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