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Video: Pomeranian Puppy Really Wants Food

One night I was browsing YouTube for videos of pomeranian puppies (yeah, that's how I roll) and while clicking deeper into the world of hypnotizingly adorable sentient poofballs this video stood out for starring a puppy (hypnotizing level: 11 out of 10) who, driven by a container of food, excitedly yips, paws at the table, and nudges its nose closer to the food. Make sure you reach the 58 second mark—it's special. More

Photo of the Day: Puppy in Cupcake Batter

[Photograph: Cute Overload] If you don't mind the bits of fur, cupcakes are much better when infused with puppy goodness. See the puppy curiosity unfold at Cute Overload. "It's Brass' spiritual nephew," said Ed. Related In Videos: Dog Resists Eating Cupcakes, Looks Insane Photo of the Day: Wiener Dog Photo of the Day: Patiently Waiting for a Drop of Those Cupcakes... More

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