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Mini Cheeseburger Vacuum

Clean up errant crumbs on your desk with a mini cheeseburger vacuum. Available for $20 from Fred Flare. [via Gizmodo and technabob; tip o' the hat to Rob] Related Hamburger Shaped Butane Lighter 'Juno' Burger Phone Behold the Hamburger... More

Bullet-Shape Ice Cube Tray Makes AK-47 Ice Ammo

Or, 'They'll Pry My Drink from My Cold Dead Hands' You know that detective-show trope where someone gets stabbed with a knife made of ice? And how it melts before the forensics team shows up? But they figure it out anyway from the watery nature of the blood or the trace amount of water-borne elements found at the scene? Well, this ice-bullet-making ice tray ups the ante. Now TV killers have a whole new M.O. The ice ammo resembles bullets from an AK-47. Not that you could actually fire one of these from an assault rifle, as Mythbusters proved in its first episode. [via Uber Review]... More

Grilling Tool: The BBQ Sword

The BBQ Sword looks like it would make a good gag gift for the griller in your life who has everything flame-related already. It's kind of a great sight gag, though the little Boy Wonder/Zorro-esque mask it comes with is a bit goofy. £14.95, from Firebox.com's UK site [via Boing Boing Gadgets]... More

Gift Idea: Pizza Coin Purse

Made from felt, this little pizza pouch can hold your slice stash. Six by four inches, with a zippered side. From fredflare.com, $12 plus shipping. Wait! With the way prices are going on slices these days, I don't know if this little pouch is big enough.... More

Finally, Food That Won't Leave a Mess on Your Keyboard

Good morning! If you're the type to chow down your breakfast while checking email, complement your morning ritual with the Egg Mouse Cushion Set, with the sausage and egg serving as your wrist rest and the plate as your mousepad. The set can be found for sale on Dongascience.com, a South Korean website, for about $18. [via Gizmodo]... More

Man Builds Coal-Oven Grill Simulator

Editor's note: A short time ago, homeslice Philip G. got in touch, telling me there was a post on pizzamaking.com that was making quite a stir: Reverse-Engineered Coal-Fired Brick Oven. Apparently, a Michigan man had invented a grill insert that he claimed simulated a coal- or wood-fired oven. I clicked over and became fascinated by the metal-and-stone device (pictured below). Could something so simple-looking achieve the holy grail of at-home pizza-making—hot enough and consistent enough temperatures to perfectly cook a pie? I don't know yet, because my 2stone Pizza Grill has only today begun its UPS journey to my home... More

T.M.X. Elmo Pizzamaker Doll

Friend of Slice Janelle was listening to this story on NPR this morning and heard passing reference to a new Tickle Me Elmo Extreme doll. From a CNNMoney story late last month: ... get ready for Pizza Elmo. According to [toy industry analyst Chris] Byrne, it's an Elmo doll holding a pizza, and the pizza talks and sings along with Elmo. The toy is expected to retail for $19.99. Toy Fair: Big-Ticket High Tech [NPR.org] Following T.M.X. Elmo, here come his friends [money.cnn.com]... More

Product: Pizza Plates

Neat set of pizza plates from Fred Flare. $15 for a set of four. "... grab these ingenious pizza plates that can fit exactly one slice of pizza!!" the site says. One slice? A perfect item for lightweights. Pizza Slice Plate, Set of 4 [fredflare.com, via Lia]... More

A Slice of Christmas

Welcome back from the long weekend. I trust that those of you who celebrate Christmas have chosen, chopped, and lugged home your trees or have dragged the artificial Tannenbaum up from the basement. No? Well, get a move on, folks. Where else are you going to hang these awesome pizza ornaments? The one at left is from bronners.com ($7.99, plus S&H), and the one at right is available from Urban Outfitters ($10, in stores or from website). Pizza Christmas Ornament [bronners.com] Pizza Slice Glass Ornament [Urban Outfitters] Ornament tip via Friend of Slice Joe S. Thanks, Joe!... More

Dear Slice: Mail-Order Pizza?

Dear Slice, My girlfriend is a native of Brooklyn, although she now resides in Oxford, England, getting her master's degree. She often complains about the lack of a good NYC-quality pizza (a complaint she has about any city outside of NYC). I was looking into mail-order NYC pizza that I could send her and that she could pop into the oven. Any thoughts? Cheers, Andrew E. Dear Andrew, This is one we get a lot, but luckily, the answer is easy enough. Slice did a bit on this last year. I'll rerun it here and hope that it'll be of... More

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