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McDonald's Iced Coffee Product Placement on A.M. News

New York Times In recent weeks, anchors on KVVU, the Fox affiliate in Las Vegas, sat with McDonald’s iced coffees as they broadcasted the "news-and-lifestyle" portion of the morning show. But as reported by the New York Times, they weren't from an early morning drive-thru trip. In fact, the anchors hardly touched the cups. It's part of a six-month product placement deal where the on-air cast will join their new iced coffee friends, but not during the "straight news portion," said KVVU news director Adam Bradshaw; just during the lightweight stuff between 7 and 9 a.m. Other stations owned by the Meredith Broadcasting Group may have logoed cups from the Golden Arches soon too. What if a report involves... More

Reform Groups to FCC: Get Rid of 'Advertainment'

More than two dozen public-interest groups are calling the Federal Communications Commission to address what they call "advertainment": TV programming they say is chock full of product placement. Led by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC), the movement aims to prevent TV programs from becoming "Trojan horses, carrying messages that would otherwise be criticized by the public or even deemed illegal": These organizations cite as cause for concern a Nielsen report indicating a 13 percent boost in product placement spots on network TV last year—over 25,000 placements in the top ten shows. If you watch American Idol on a regular basis, you saw over 4,000 product placements in 38 episodes this year, CCFC says. In May 2007, the... More

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