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Di Fara Raising Slice Prices to $5; Will Close Tuesdays in Addition to Mondays

I just got some Di Fara news from Dom DeMarco's daughter, Maggie. She says that the celebrated Midwood pizzeria will be raising slice prices to $5, a sum that we at Slice believe is the highest priced plain slice outside a ballpark or airport. Plain slices at Di Fara were previously $4 a pop. Pie prices will also go up for a few dollars, Maggie says. Other news: Di Fara will now be closing on Tuesdays as well as Mondays. Update (7/7/2009): Just got further word from Maggie. The plain pies are now $25, square pies are $30, special... More

Flour, Cheese Prices Drop; Pizza Prices Remain High, May Yet Climb

A cheap slice to stave off hunger used to be a given. That all changed earlier this year with the skyrocketing price of flour and cheese. But, but ... Now, not only is the cost of a 50-pound bag of flour half the $36 it cost nine months ago, mozzarella cheese is down 15% from its summer high, and fuel prices, which affect nearly everything, are way down.Yet most business owners have a million excuses for sticking with menu markups made when wholesale prices were sky high.Here's how Sal's on Court St. in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, explains its $3 slice,... More

Naples Pizza-Makers Protest Price Gouging with Free Pizza

A group of 30 pizzaioli says some opportunist rivals are using the recent spike in food and fuel prices to gouge pizza eaters: "The group staged the protest in Piazza Dante to demand stricter price controls to defend the reputation of a traditional Neapolitan product which they said should be 'the synthesis of quality and low cost.'"... More

East Harlem Patsy's Up to $1.75 for Slices

Craig Nelson of Not for Tourists emails with some intel that's new to Slice: "Patsy’s [East Harlem] slices went up to a $1.75—finally." And I say, well, they still haven't broken the $2 price point—at a time when $2.25 seems to be the average in the city. Still a great deal—if the slice is good that day! Thanks, Craig.... More

I'm Mad as Hell, But I Guess I'll Just Keep Taking It Anyway ...

... Because I love pizza too much to stop. But can I just go on record here and say that whatever dumb-ass ag policies our S-for-brains leaders have enacted are really pissing me off? Slice prices going up, up, up, no doubt because we're too busy pumping food into our gas tanks. The latest such story appears in the New York Daily News. I like how Johnny's Pizza on 15th Street still charges kids a discounted price, though. But what about seniors?... More

L&B Spumoni Gardens Latest Pizzeria to Raise Prices

Famous for its Sicilian slices, the Bensonhurst mainstay has jacked its rates. From amNY: "L&B gave in on Monday, upping the price for both [its regular and square slices] to $2.25 — just in time for the spring when things start heating up at the popular pizzeria, which is also a hangout for the young and old when it becomes warm thanks to its ample outdoor seating." Related: L&B Spumoni coverage on Slice »... More

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