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Cookies Determine Fate of Presidential Candidates

Michelle Obama's shortbread cookies versus Cindy McCain's oatmeal-butterscotch cookies. Who knew cookies had so much power? Readers of Family Circle have successfully predicted America's next first lady during the past four elections just by judging the presidential spouses' cookie recipes in the magazine's competition. Chocolate tends to win Family Circle readers over, but this year neither Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain contributed recipes for cookies including chocolate; Obama went with shortbread and McCain, oatmeal-butterscotch. Readers' favorite cookie will be revealed in mid-October. To bake your own Presidential cookies, check out the collection of recipes at the appropriately named blog, Presidential Cookies. Related Jones Soda Launches Campaign Cola... More

Jones Soda Launches Campaign Cola

Jones Soda loves holidays and seasonal hoopla, as proven by its Candy Corn flavor during Halloween and (questionably delicious) Wild Herb Stuffing one in November. So it's no huge surprise that it launched Campaign Cola 2008, where three limited-edition colas honor each presidential pursuer. To vote, just click on your candidate's cola: Obama's Yes We Can, McCain's Pure McCain or Clinton's Capitol Hillary. (Though she may not be in the presidential race, she's still in the bottle race!) The polls as of this morning: Obama = 2,694 bottles McCain = 1,170 bottles Clinton = 996 bottles Jones Soda adds an educational layer to this marketing approach by linking to voter registration info and important quotes from each candidate, encouraging... More

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