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Drinking the Bottom Shelf: ShotPak Premade Shots

Drinks Will Gordon 17 comments

A couple months ago I horrified us all with the news that I had been reduced to toiling several hours a week at an actual job to keep up with rising household spending relating mostly to pumpkin beer and deluxe mustards. Pumpkin beer season has finally crested, but it's always time for expensive mustard and now some jerk has started parking a lobster roll truck in my neighborhood, so it looks like I'll be checking IDs at the not-quite-dive bar for the foreseeable future. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Jeremiah Weed Premixed Drinks

Drinks Will Gordon 15 comments

Bottom Shelf research coordinator Emily and I had a grand and overdue Halloween couch party the other night featuring "Law and Order: Ice-T," delivered chicken, and homemade pumpkin beer. The T was as Icy as ever and the chicken was the perfect blend of spicy and sketchy (I don't know where Wings Over Somerville finds these 9-inch strips of brick-thick white meat, nor do I need to know), but the undisputed star of the evening was the beer. More

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Baileys Mudslide

Drinks Will Gordon 14 comments

I don't really like dessert, which is ridiculous and valid grounds for my immediate dismissal, but hear me out. I like to eat before dinner and I like to drink after dinner, and I've just never accounted for a traditional dessert in my overindulgence regimen. Now, if you're talking about a dessert you can eat with a straw, then maybe you're starting to talk some sense. More

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Jack Daniel's Premixed Drinks

Drinks Will Gordon 10 comments

I like Jack and Coke more than I like Jack or Coke. The Coke is strong enough to mask a little bit of the extra-sweet charcoal funk that sets Jack apart from other mid-shelf American whiskies, and the Jack is alcohol-havin' enough to justify drinking soda this far along into my dotage. More

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