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Slice Poll: Best Frozen Pizza?

Slice Adam Kuban 165 comments

Today's Slice "poll" is inspired by an email we got from Slice'r Margaret M. K. It's less a "poll" than a survey or "open-ish thread": What's your favorite frozen pizza? There's no click-to-vote doohickey today — just leave your nominations in the comments! More

Poll: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Adam Kuban 82 comments

Spring approaches. Easter's coming. The stores are stocked with chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. All of which makes me hungry for, you know, actual eggs. And every morning that I make (or order) them for breakfast, I have to decide what style I want. And that's the hard part. I wonder if any of you have similar troubles or are you set in your egg ways? Let's throw this up for a poll: How do you like your eggs? More

Grocery Self-Checkout Lanes: Way or No Way?

Adam Kuban 91 comments

I believe that the issue of those automated self-checkout lanes has come up before on Serious Eats, but often as asides in larger discussions, but I figured this one might be ripe for the pseudo-science that is the Serious Eats Poll. More

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