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Win Pop Chart Lab's Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols Poster

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Closed

We're big fans of Pop Chart Lab and their well-designed prints, especially since the team keeps finding ways to depict our favorite topic: drinks! And now they have another new print for sale: "A boozy chart of every variety of alcohol." More

New Hot Dog of the Week Prints for Sale

Erin Zimmer 6 comments

Every Friday we look forward to Hawk Krall's take on a different hot dog variation in his Hot Dog of the Week column—from traditional small town hot dog joints to bizarre South American concoctions. He now has four brand-new prints from recent posts for sale for $29 each. The prints look as good, or even better, than the original paintings. Get a close-up of them here (and then realize that you want to cover your wall with them). More

Fun Food-Related Infographics Posters

Robyn Lee Post a comment

[Images: Visual Aid Shop] Decorate your walls with some of the colorful infographics from the Visual Aid Shop. Many of the over 250 posters are food-related: cuts of beef, glasses, coffee drinks, breakfasts from around the world, cheeses, pastas, ingredients in a Christmas pudding, stomachs (eh, that's where the food goes), and more. (Unfortunately, there's no direct linking to the products, but you can search by name and it's worth taking a look at the whole list.) Related Sources of Food Poisoning Infographic Worldwide Meat Consumption Infographic Caffeine and Calories Chart... More

Hot Dog of the Week Art Prints for Sale

Adam Kuban 11 comments

Photographs by Hawk Krall Every week, I look forward to seeing what Philadelphia-based illustrator Hawk Krall comes up with for the Hot Dog of the Week. There have been a number of HDotW's that I've wished I could get high-quality prints of. Well it just so happens that some of my (and, I hope, your) favorite Hot Dog of the Week artwork is now available as high-quality 11-by-14-inch art prints. These are professional giclée fine art prints, printed by the fine folks at Silicon Gallery Fine Arts in Philadelphia. I can't imagine who wouldn't want one of these (all of which are suitable for framing) in their kitchen. Choose from four designs and stay tuned for more to be... More

'Anatomy of a Burger' Movie Poster

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 2 comments

British designer Olly Moss made this nifty poster for mock movie Anatomy of a Burger, based on Saul Bass's poster for Anatomy of a Murder. $20 to $72 from inPRNT. [via Sisterrae]... More

Birthplace of the Corn Dog

Lia Bulaong 1 comment

My friend Andrew found this beautiful bus stop ad in Chicago recently. Designed just like a World War II-era poster, of a caped nurse cradling a corn dog in the crook of her arm like a baby and feeding it from a mustard bottle, it urges you to visit Springfield's own Cozy Dog Drive In, the birthplace of the corn dog. It's part of a series of vintage-styled advertisements from the Illinois Bureau of Tourism for their Offbeat Illinois campaign, meant to highlight quirky attractions around the state. I love the corn dog poster best and am planning to get one for my wall, but you can buy any of the other advertisements (the Butter Cow and World's Largest... More

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