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Sugar Rush: Raspberry Brownie from Pearl Bakery, Portland OR

Sweets Erin Jackson Post a comment

Sticky raspberry preserves are the crowning touch to a brownie that's both fudgy and cakey at Pearl Bakery. More

Sugar Rush: Animal Truffles at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, Portland

Sweets Erin Jackson 1 comment

One lesson I quickly learned during my three day trip to Portland is that it pays to make note of a few places where you can duck out of the drizzle. When you've already had your fill of coffee and it's too early for a beer, Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe is a worthy spot for a pick-me-up. A good choice is one of their adorable animal truffles, which are filled with a dense, fudgy ganache and enrobed with a thick layer of chocolate. More

Sugar Rush: The Rose City at The Waffle Window, Portland OR

Sweets Erin Jackson 2 comments

At The Waffle Window, Liege-style waffles come topped with fruit, drizzled with chocolate, or served in sundae form (among other options). While it's in season, the strawberry-topped Rose City is a good choice. More

Pro-Tip: Try the Off-Menu Ice Cream Flights at Ruby Jewel, Portland OR

Sweets Erin Jackson 3 comments

The ice cream cookie sandwiches at Ruby Jewel are a perfectly fine treat, but if you really want to party, there's only one sensible thing to do: go for the off-menu ice cream flight. More

Ask the Pastry Chef: What to Eat at St. Jack, Portland, OR

Sweets Aaron Wakamatsu 3 comments

Looking for traditional French pastries in Portland, Oregon? The patisserie at St. Jack, helmed by acclaimed pastry chef Alissa Rozos, is your answer. More

Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at What's the Scoop in Portland, OR

Sweets Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

When we stopped by What's the Scoop on Portland's North Williams street, we didn't know that we were in for a show. But we lucked out, and owners Jodie and Brian Ostrovsky were about to mix up a batch of their Mocha Chip. More

Sugar Rush: Blowtorched Creme Brulee Beignets at Donut-o-Rama in Portland, OR

Sweets Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

It's a bit daring to open a doughnut cart mere steps from Portland's touristy hotspot Voodoo Doughnuts, but Greg Slauson had a vision. And we're not certain we've seen so much blowtorching in a food cart anywhere. More

First Look: Cocktails at Imperial in Portland, OR

Drinks Greg Harned Post a comment

Chef Vitaly Paley has begun his Portland expansion, teaming up with Chef Ben Bettinger, formerly of Beaker and Flask to open Imperial in the heart of downtown Portland. Former Beaker and Flask presiding barman Brandon Wise is in charge of the restaurant's bar program. More

First Look: Cocktails at Whey Bar in Portland, OR

Drinks Greg Harned Post a comment

The large wood storage shed next to the much-buzzed-about Argentinian-inspired Ox Restaurant on Portland's NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was originally meant to be a private dining room. Halfway through construction, Ox's owners changed course and decided to use it as a casual drinking space for sipping cocktails while you wait (and wait) for your table to be ready next door. More

Bartender's Choice: What to Order at Tabla in Portland, Oregon

Drinks Greg Harned 2 comments

"I've always been inspired by chefs," says Lia Termini, head bartender at Tabla in the inner-NE quadrant of Portland, OR. "I've always been interested in the different techniques they use to extract, preserve, intensify, and create new flavors." Termini has adopted many culinary techniques and brought them behind the bar at Tabla. More

A Pint With: Jason McAdam of Burnside Brewing Company, Portland, OR

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

You may have heard of oyster stout, but do you know anyone brewing other beers with the liquor from oysters? Jason McAdam of Burnside Brewing Company recently released an oyster-enhanced strong ale. We caught up with him to get the whole story on his Neptune's Wrath and the brewery in general. More

Portland, OR: 6 Delicious Cocktails to Drink Right Now

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

It's fun to do a whirlwind tour of Portland, Oregon's cocktail bars: Puddletown's bartenders are always whipping up something unusual and delicious to try. On a recent trip, I enjoyed cocktails at the Rum Club, Kask, Clyde Common, Beaker & Flask, and The Bent Brick. Here are the six best drinks I sampled. More

Portland, Oregon: Pizza Kingdom Come

Slice Jim Bonomo 3 comments

The pizza scene in Portland has been fairly stationary since the much-hyped New Year's Eve opening of East Burnside's Sizzle Pie. As we approach Sizzle's one year anniversary, a second location is preparing to open in Southwest Portland, and the overall pizza landscape in Portland has encountered a rapid growth spurt. Here's what's on the horizon... More

Where to Drink at Portland Cocktail Week 2011

Drinks Adam Robinson Post a comment

Portland Cocktail week is rapidly approaching. If you've glanced at the schedule on the PDXCW homepage you know just how many great looking tours, seminars, and parties are taking place. As much as I would l love to go to every event, I must be realistic, I still have my job—as well as my liver—to worry about. So where will I be sipping? Here's the game plan. More

Daily Slice: DiPrima Dolci Italian Bakery & Café, Portland, Oregon

Slice Jim Bonomo 7 comments

An Italian bakery in Portland is out of place. Curiosity got the best of me, however, when I learned that pizza made by honest-to-goodness Queens natives lurked inside of the mythical establishment. After almost two years of strolling by like an ignoramus, I can say with confidence that the bakers at DiPrima Dolci are slinging some solid pies. More

Portland, Oregon: All-You-Can-Eat Pizza at Tastebud Farm Dining Room

Slice Jim Bonomo 4 comments

Mention Tastebud to a Portlander, and they'll likely think of Tastebud's Saturday Farmers' Market stand, where they sell schmeared bagel sandwiches, pitas stuffed with lamb, and reheated, parbaked slices of pizza. Very few people know that Tastebud's pizza is available fresh from an actual bricks-and-mortar establishment, and even fewer know that you can eat as much as your belly will allow every Sunday night for fifteen dollars. More

Portland, Oregon: Gladstone Street Pizza

Slice Jim Bonomo 18 comments

I was surprised to see the oft-buzzed-about Gladstone Street Pizza left off of Portland Monthly's March 2011 Portland pizza round-up. What once was a coffee shop dabbling in pizza has recently become a full-time pizzeria, and the sharpened focus has allowed the pizza quality to improve, steadily approaching Portland's top tier. More

Upright Brewing in Portland, OR: Playful, Provocative, Farmhouse Inspired Beers

Drinks Kerry Newberry 2 comments

Alex Ganum, an emerging artisan brewer with a cult-like following, crafts farmhouse inspired beers rooted in France and Belgium but made with a local ingredients and a Pacific Northwest twist. The owner and head brewer for the two-year old Upright Brewing spends his days surrounded by open fermenters and old wine barrels, brewing, bottling and blueprinting his next old-world meets new-world thirst quenching blend. More

Daily Slice: Sizzle Pie, Portland, Oregon

Slice Jim Bonomo 10 comments

My prime suggestion for Sizzle Pie is to pick a direction and stay focused. I enjoyed the ease and casual nature inside, the big portion, and the simplicity of everyday ingredients put together to satisfy a late-night or hungover craving. On the other side of the spectrum, it offers basil-cashew pizza with goat cheese and cracked egg. I understand the desire to have something for everyone, but the act of spreading its act so thin (41 unique pizza selections on the whole-pie menu plus "create your own") allowed my meaty slice to fall just short of excellence. More

Slice's Pacific Northwest Pizza Map

Slice Adam Kuban 16 comments

View Pizza - Pacific Northwest in a larger map More

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