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A Sandwich a Day: The Ariccia at Savenor's Market in Cambridge, MA

All of Savenor's offerings from the sandwich counter sound delicious, but the Ariccia was the stand-out. A roll from Iggy's Bakery is filled with housemade porchetta and pickled fennel then drizzled with local honey, and is finally pressed. The result is porky and salty with a bit of crunch, acidity and sweetness. A really wonderful sandwich. More

A Sandwich a Day: Porchetta at Meat & Bread in Vancouver

This deceptively tidy looking porchetta sandwich is on a just-right-chewy ciabatta. It looks like it's going to contain all its pork so politely but we all know it ends with more napkins than that. The overflow of pork chunks drizzled in mild salsa verde, just bright enough to cut the intensity of the fat, begins to spill forth rather quickly, a mix of fatty-gooey and liberally dosed super crispy-edge cracklin' bits. More

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