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6 Refreshing Popsicle Recipes We Love

Remember freezer-pops? As a kid, these brightly-colored sugary sticks fueled our summer exploits, and inspired many a feud over who would be stuck with pink. Though I've ostensibly "grown up," I still think I could live off of popsicles through the dog days of summer. Check out six of our favorite recipes after the jump! More

Photo of the Day: Lime Fruit Bar

This frosty Dryer's lime-flavored fruit bar eaten by Joy K looks very tempting in light of the hot and humid, sweat inducing, brain melting heat we've been having these past three days in New York City. Related Photo of the Day: Fave Popsicle Photo of the Day: Pink Panther Ice Pop Photo of the Day: Shave Ice at Ward Farmers' Market... More

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