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Daily Slice: Pizza by Cer Té, NYC

Slice Hally Wolhandler 1 comment

We're big fans of the sandwiches at midtown lunch spot Cer Té, as well as their Italian Wedding Pizza. So we couldn't resist trying a few more slices. More

Daily Slice: Vodka Slice at Pomodoro

Slice Sam Levison 1 comment

Pomodoro on Spring Street gets rave reviews on Yelp for their Vodka slice. But the competition down the street may have them bested on this slice. More

Serious Reads: 'Pomodoro,' by David Gentilcore

Serious Reads Leah Douglas 2 comments

The humble tomato figures heavily in cuisines worldwide. But no country holds the fruit so dear as Italy, whose sauces, canned products, and culinary pride depend upon tomato abundance. David Gentilcore takes us through the bumpy relationship between this cuisine and the tomato in Pomodoro!: A History of the Tomato in Italy. More

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