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DIY Grenadine

DIY grenadine is as quick to make as simple syrup, and you are in control of how sweet it is. Pomegranate molasses and rosewater add a bit of complexity to the flavor of the final product. More

Cook the Book: Bittersweet Salad

The bittersweet-ness of this salad comes from the radicchio, sour blood orange segments, and tart pomegranate seeds dressed with a reduced orange-maple vinaigrette, which is really more of a syrup with a touch of aromatic orange flower water. The toasty pine nuts and little spoonfuls of creamy ricotta dolloped on top also complements the bitterness. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Pomegranates

It was not until I was forced to go gluten-free that I started really eating pomegranates. My motto? "If it doesn't have gluten in it, I'm eating it." Pomegranates intimidated me for years. Their tough skin and thick pith seemed pretty impenetrable. More

Blogwatch: Homemade Vietnamese Yogurt

As Pinkberry, Red Mango and a thousand imitators battle it out for yogurt supremacy, the Vietnamese have been quietly making their own addictively sharp (but non-frozen) yogurt snack, da ua, or sua chua, for decades. Diane from White on Rice Couple shows us how it's done. The secret ingredient? Sweetened condensed milk. The star player in dulce de leche mellows the tang and gives the yogurt a silky, gently set consistency. Sprinkled with in-season pomegranate seeds, as Diane serves hers, it makes an unusual alternative to the pomegranate yogurts now making the soft-serve rounds.... More

Market Scene: Fall's Hollywood Cameo

A pomegranate bursting at the seams. In most states, you know it's fall because the leaves change colors, turning golden, crimson and persimmon, until the tops of trees look aflame. Here in Southern California you know it's fall when everything is actually on fire and the Santa Ana winds are blowing hard enough to knock down small children. While our crisp hills smolder and turn brown like burnt cakes from Ventura County to Fontana to the Sepulveda Pass, there's the upside in knowing that fall weather also means ton of marvelous fall produce at the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map). Aw, Nuts The new crop of pistachios has finally arrived! The Santa Barbara Pistachio Company, located in Sierra Madre Mountains... More

British Pomegranate Juice Gets Your Juices Flowing

Pomegreat advertisement from Chimp Media Monitoring If you want to be sexy, you have to take care of your body. And you know what that means—scatter a truckload of pomegranates around your bed and eat them, all the time. While naked. If you can't do that, the next best thing is to drink buckets of pomegranate juice made by Pomegreat. Because "Sex kittens don't drink milk," and Pomegreat will "Get the juices flowing." ...What? I was going to drink pomegranate juice because I was thirsty. I think I'll stick with water. [via Chimp Media Monitoring... More

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