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Bruce Aidells' Turkish Pomegranate-Glazed Lamb Shoulder Chops and Carrots

At the same time sour and sticky-sweet, pomegranate molasses is a great secret ingredient to stash. It brightens many a rich dish, especially those made with fatty, gamy cuts like lamb blade chops. In Bruce Aidells' The Great Meat Cookbook, pomegranate molasses is used as a base for a braised-and-glazed lamb blade chop recipe. The dish as a whole is inspired by Turkish cuisine, with a spicy floral rub for the lamb, and a bright finishing sprinkle of fresh herbs (basil and mint), pomegranate seeds, and pine nuts. Aidells' lamb chops would be welcome on any winter time table, but would make an equally dashing holiday meal (as long as you're feeding open-minded diners). More

Scooped: White Chocolate Mint Ice Cream with Pomegranate Molasses

White chocolate, of course, isn't chocolate. It's comparisons to the dark stuff that so frequently disappoint tasters. So let's step past the unfortunate comparisons and consider white chocolate on its own terms. Once you get by the whole chocolate malapropism, white chocolate's flavor is pretty awesome: a buttery vanilla with strong hints of mint and other leafy herbs. More

Serious Heat: Muhammara

Tired of the usual homemade dips in your rotation? Add Muhammara to the mix. I was recently introduced to this Middle Eastern puree of roasted red peppers, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses. If you're extra ambitious, roast the red peppers instead of using the jarred kind. More

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