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A Sandwich A Day: Fried Green Tomato Po Boy at Crabby Jack's in New Orleans

A Sandwich a Day Abby McCartney 2 comments

The sign outside Crabby Jack's proclaims it a "Po Boy Museum." But if you're picturing sandwiches in glass cases, meant to be admired but not eaten, you would be sorely mistaken. Instead, Crabby Jack's is a living, breathing tribute to the glories of the po boy, including this one with fried green tomatoes. More

A Sandwich a Day: Blackened Shrimp Po'boy from Jemil's Big Easy in Seattle

A Sandwich a Day Naomi Bishop 1 comment

The blackened shrimp po'boy at Jemil's Big Easy is not a clean eating sandwich, but who cares what a mess you've made when you've got shrimp perfection between your bread? More

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