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Photo of the Day: Knitted Sausage

[Photograph: Stephanie Casper] All the joy of packaged sausage in cuddly knitted plush form, for those who like plush food but not ones with faces on them. Available at scaper5's Etsy shop for $25 (along with other knitted meats). [via Coudal Partners] Related The Inner Workings of a Plush Meat Master Gift Guide: For the Meat Lover Grilled: Robert Bolesta... More

Cooking with Kids: Toy Doner Kebab

Sadly, I noticed this too late to put it on a Christmas list, but it’s not too early to start next year’s list. Not my daughter’s list. Mine. It’s a plush doner kebab sandwich. “The fuzzy cloth pita opens up to reveal all the fixings necessary for a traditional gyro, including lamb meat, tomato slices, onion rings, lettuce, and pepperoncini. Don’t like onions in your kebab? Take ‘em out!” If there’s one thing I hate on my sandwich, it’s polyester onions. Like all toys, this one comes with a warning: “This gyro has such a delicious appearance that they should be kept away from small children, lest they mistake the play food for the real thing.” I think this is... More

Doughnuts That Last Forever

Have you ever wished that you could hug a doughnut without the fear of smearing glaze/sugar/oil on yourself? I never did until I set my eyes on the adorable plush doughnut that craftsters have created in an attempt to encapsulate the visual essence of doughnut in an emblem of donut-ness that—albeit inedible—leave no sticky residue. Heidi Kenny of My Paper Crane, home of more adorable anthropomorphic plushes than you could ever imagine, makes five varieties of smiling plush donuts. They also come in handy collectible keychain form.... More

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