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Video: How to Stop Cute Babies From Throwing Food Everywhere

Did every baby attend the same conference on how to propel cereal and get spaghetti everywhere except in their mouths? Babies are professional mess-makers, but a new product may prevent all that. Introducing the Baby Diner, a device that secures plates and bowls to surfaces so they don't get launched in every direction. Even if you don't have a baby or have any interest in this product, the promotional video is worth watching for the montage of chubby-cheeked munchkins getting food everywhere—especially the little girl covered in blue yogurt. More

It's a Plate Shaped Like a Pizza Slice

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] "The plate you pictured the pizza resting on? Amazing!!! A half plate just for food photography? So great. I totally approve of your plating. ;-)" —tamibrat, on "Red Baron By the Slice Reality Check" Not quite, tamibrat. It's actually a pizza-shaped plate by Atypyk: I suppose you could use it for pie and cake slices, too, as the designers also mention, but c'mon, what weblog are you reading?!? Friend of Slice Meg Hourihan bought it for me at the MoMA Design Store a couple years ago. I pull it out every now and then for photo... More

Alphabet Plates, Customizable Plates for Kids

[Images: Alphabet Plates] Alphabet Plates, created by graphic designer (and mom) Laura Paresky Gould, allows you to personalize plates with your little one's name and favorite food from 14 popular choices. Although geared towards kids, there's no reason you can't get a plate plate as a fun gift for a burger or broccoli-loving, postadolescent friend. Besides food, other designs include sports, monograms, and customizable faces starting at $22 a plate. Personalized placemats in different colors and languages are also available for $18. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation. [via swissmiss] Related Frame Plates Map Plates Colorful, Pattern-Stitched Servingware... More

Frame Plates

[Photograph: d-VISION] These frame plates from Israeli industrial design program d-VISION "function as a canvas for food as a work of art." Pretty food will look prettier, and ugly food will look...abstract. Perhaps not the most practical eating vessel, but it's a cute idea. [via NOTCOT.org] Related Map Plates Adam Roberts's Quirky, Idiosyncratic Plates Paper Plates You Can Display On Your Wall Cutest Plates Ever... More

Cracked Dinnerware Given New Life

Danish designer Ornamented Life takes chipped and cracked dinnerware and turns the imperfections into art. Pieces can be bought at HORNE for $38 to $75. [via Oh Joy!] Related Map Plates Subliminal Dinnerware Topography Soup Plate... More

Map Plates

Nationalism can be expressed in anthems, sports teams, and now, dinner plates. Eat that corned beef on an Ireland-shaped dish and your kraut on the "Czech combo" (a dish combining the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary). Each is white, ceramic, and $17.99. [via Neatorama]... More

Photo of the Day: Cherry Crumb Pie on Notebook Paper Plate

When I first say Marilyn's photo of her cherry crumb pie, I thought, "Why is she eating it on top of a piece of notebook paper?" Of course, it's a plate that's just made to look like a piece of notebook paper, which she bought from Fishs Eddy. Now I want my own notebook paper plate!...and slice of pie. Previously Adam Roberts's Quirky, Idiosyncratic Plates The Best Pies in America: The Serious Eats Pie Honor Roll The Sweet Melissa Baking Book: Sour Cherry Pie with Pistachio Crumble Photo of the Day: Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Photo of the Day: Pi Pie... More

Adam Roberts's Quirky, Idiosyncratic Plates

Adam Roberts (aka The Amateur Gourmet) just bought six quirky, idiosyncratic plates. What's so special about the plates? Not much, until you read his analysis of each one, from "The Dad Plate" (a plate covered in golfers, perfect for his dad) to "The Ugly Plate" (it's ugly, which makes it suitable for ugly people). I'm quite fond of "The I Don't Really Get It Plate," which is supposed to resemble some kind of deformed face. Now I want to get a new set of random plates for my kitchen. Previously: Paper Plates You Can Display On Your Wall Cutest Plates Ever Topography Soup Plate... More

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