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Toronto Proposes Ban on Coffee Cups

Photograph from smoodysarah on Flickr When I go out, I'm always annoyed by the double-bagging phenomenon (whether paper or plastic) and the takeout burger covered in tissue, in a foam container, in a plastic bag. Looks like I'm not the only one. The Toronto Star reports on the city's attempt to reduce the amount of garbage from landfills—a major environmental issue—by considering limitations on paper coffee cups, foam takeout containers, and plastic packaging. While bans on plastic packaging have been effective in the U.S., an outright ban on paper coffee cups doesn't make much sense. Not enough people are willing to bring their own containers, and many stores are too cheap to adopt compostable materials or don't do enough... More

Plastic Bag Recycling in New York

Get rid of those plastic bags without feeling guilty. I can finally get rid of some plastic bags I've accumulated without feeling guilty. The New York City Council passed a bill yesterday that will make large stores in the Big Apple collect and recycle the bags they pack groceries and other goods in. There will be bins in stores where you can bring your plastic bags, which can be from any store, of course.... More

To Canvas Bag or Not to Canvas Bag

Washingtonians are no strangers to canvas bags. Plenty of lobbyists tote eco-chic "Save the Turtles" or "Barack the Vote" sacks on the Metro. But remembering to pack that extra one for the grocery run after work is a whole 'nother story. Annapolis, our Chesapeake Bay-side neighbors to the east, have spearheaded a plastic bag ban, following the lead of cities such as San Francisco, which enacted a ban in March, and Oakland in June. A similar switch in D.C. might take some time. "It's a huge lifestyle change, and a bunch of people just won't remember to bring their own," said Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic marketing director Sarah Kenney. Our minds still think in terms of paper-or-plastic, she said on... More

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