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Planter's New Flavored Peanut Butters

Planters may be one of the biggest name in peanuts, but they certainly lag behind Jif and Skippy when it comes to the ubiquity of peanut butter brands. In fact, I never really knew they made peanut butter until a few jars of their new line "NUTrition" (hah, get it?) showed up at SEHQ. The three new butters feature mix-ins like raisins, other dried fruits, and granola. More

Taste Test: Crunchy Peanut Butter, No-Stir

Last time we were trying peanut butter, it was the Creamy variety. But it was only a matter of time before we'd round up the favorite Crunchies. This time, we divided the results into two categories: stir (with natural oil separation) and no-stir. First up: no-stir peanut butters (tomorrow we'll reveal the stir results). Today's tasting includes the Jif vs. Skippy rivalry, Peter Pan, Peanut Butter & Co., and the just re-released Planter's. More

Mr. Peanut Gets a Facelift: Robert Downey Jr. Is the New Voice

Before Robert Downey Jr. lent his voice to the Planters mascot, the rakish legume spent almost a century in silence, ever since his creation in a 1916 drawing contest. But Planter's, part of the Kraft Foods company, was not satisfied with the silent flirtation of Mr. Peanut's monocled wink. "People weren't connecting with him," said Jason Levine, Planter's brand director, "We wanted to turn him into a real, authentic peanut. To do this, we had to bring Mr. Peanut into his natural, nut-sized world." More

Plants in the Kitchen, New Approaches

Windowsills cluttered with scraggly little herbs may soon be a thing of the past as designers develop new ways of integrating plant life into the kitchen. The AeroGarden brings “NASA-tested, aeroponic technology” to the kitchen counter. Occupying about the same space as a bread maker (the original version) or a blender (in the case of the newer, smaller model), the soil-free system allows you to grow herbs, salad greens and vegetables with minimal effort. “Planting” is accomplished by simply inserting pre-sown proprietary seed pods called Bio-Domes, and from then on a computer controls the light, moisture and nutrient levels during growth, as well as providing alerts when it’s time to add more water or nutrients. The systems are pricey and... More

Super Bowl: Food Commercials Wrapup

The Super Bowl is about so much more than football. It's also about commercialism! After the jump watch six examples of food-related commercials from yesterday's Super Bowl that range from "funny and witty" to, "That was kind of horrible, why did I sit through that?" Check out more Super Bowl ads at myspace.com.... More

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