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Lunch Hack: Use a Pizza Wheel To Chop Your Salad Directly in the Bowl

I had a bit of a shock-and-awe-style jaw-drop when I saw our Account Executive Leandra making herself a salad for lunch earlier this summer. She dumped some whole spinach leaves and other ingredients into a bowl, reached for the pizza wheel, and started rolling it over the greens directly in the bowl. The method is sheer brilliance from a purely lazy, I-don't-want-to-wash-a-cutting-board standpoint. I'll cop to having used it ever since. More

Gadgets: Sharpen Your Pizza Wheel

Have you ever sharpened your pizza wheel? Have ever even thought about sharpening it? Yeah, me either. I mean, it's not like you need a sushi knife for whacking your pizza into pieces, right? So when I saw that a pizza wheel sharpener ($14.99) existed, I was surprised. Then again, now I have a pizza wheel that might actually be sharper than it was when it was new. More

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