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Leftover Pizza + Waffle Iron = Delicious Crispy, Gooey, Cheese-Stuffed Snack

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 82 comments

Today I'm going to reveal to you a method of reheating pizza that is superior to any other I've tried. A method that converts stale, cold, lifeless pizza into a crisp-crust, gooey-cheesed, brown-edged, stretchy, saucy, hand-held treat. A method so good that it'll make you want to order fresh pizza and let it go cold just so you can use it. And we're going to do it in the waffle iron. More

Pizza Hut Perfume Is Real

Slice Meredith Smith 8 comments

Now you don't have to go to a Pizza Hut to smell like Pizza Hut. The Canadian Hut division has created an eau de perfume just in time for the holidays. More

A Pizza My Mind: My Weirdest Pizza Topping Ever

Slice Todd Brock 26 comments

I am not talking about a dessert pizza or a cheffy Asian-themed pie dressed with peanut sauce. This was an honest-to-God frozen cheese pizza that had Jif where the tomato sauce should be. And I loved it. More

World's First Pizza Guitar

Slice Meredith Smith 6 comments

Andrew W.K. present the world's first pizza guitar in a PItchfork TV video exclusive filmed at Famous Ray's Pizza in Times Square. Watch him shred some chords with this custom slice. More

Steveston Pizza Co. Brings a $450 Pizza to British Columbia

Slice Meredith Smith 11 comments

It may not be the world's most expensive pizza, but this pie still comes at a premium. Owner of Steveston Pizza Co., Nader Hatami, has added a $450 pizza to his menu. Too rich for your blood? Not to worry, there is also a not-quite-so-premium option at $120. More

Home Slice: 'Pizza Within a Pizza'

Slice Adam Kuban 26 comments

Pizza within a freakin' pizza?!? Mama D, you have spoken to me from the past with an idea that was almost 20 years ahead of its time. After all, it wasn't until 1994 that Pizza Hut got around to stuffing its crust. More

From The Mailbag: Thanks Miss Ellie, Love Hambone

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 20 comments

We opened up the Serious Eats Mailbag this monday to find a package addressed to Official Serious Eats Mascot and Chief Financial Officer Hambone (a.k.a. Jamón). Inside the box was the most darling pizza-shaped dog toy, complete with squeaker in the crust. The toy came to us from long time Slic'er dhorst's dog Miss Ellie, whose friend Tammy Johnson seems to be a master at creating cute things out of cloth over at Fessenden Hill Creations. More

Pizza Prize Causes Rise in Connecticut Traffic Tickets Issued

Slice Meredith Smith 4 comments

[Photograph: mjb on Flickr] Connecticut state troopers got a gubernatorial smack on the wrist after a memo went around that incentivized officers to issue more traffic tickets in order to have a chance at winning a pizza. The memo was meant to motivate the troopers with some friendly competition, but when word reached the upper levels of the command chain, the pizza program was deemed illegal. I bet all the recipients of Connecticut traffic violations wish they knew that their out was to offer the cop writing the ticket a slice. [Via courant.com] About the author: Meredith Smith is... More

March Madness: Free Pizza with Vasectomy!

Slice Meredith Smith 8 comments

Yeah, you read that right. According to the Cape Cod Times, Urology Associates of Cape Cod are offering a free pizza (from Surf's Up Pizza & Seafood in Sandwich) with each vasectomy. This is one time where you can get a whole pie in one slice (ba dum dum)! More

The Official 'Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie' Wolf Pizza Shirt

Slice Meredith Smith 2 comments

When I first saw this shirt I was like, what the what?! Is this wolf some cousin to Courage Wolf, Insanity Wolf or some other wolf meme out there? But no, Wolf Pizza is a different breed. This wolf is a movie mascot. And this shirt doesn't just look awesome, there's an awesome story behind it. More

Toaster Pizza: A Retrospective

Slice Meredith Smith 10 comments

Decades of food manufacturers have attempted to form a successful toaster and pizza union. The latest attempt comes from the British department store Marks & Spencer. In light of the new product, we take a look back at toaster pizza over the years. More

Dancing Pizza Goes Missing!

Slice Meredith Smith Post a comment

This popular piece of pizza, known by locals in Portales, New Mexico as Pepe, has gone missing. The Papa Murphy's pizza mascot was allegedly stolen from a local gymnasium during a basketball game, before getting a chance to break out some sweet dance moves. Papa Murphy's is holding out home that the local hooligans that stole Pepe will return him, unharmed for a $200 cash reward—no questions asked. They just want their lovable plush pizza back. More

Pizza Madness: Pizza In a Jar

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 34 comments

The basic premise is simple. You've all seen pie in a jar, I'm sure. You bake a tiny pie in a jar, seal it, and give it away as gifts. Well ain't one pie as good as any other? What's to stop you from baking a pizza pie in a jar? The ever-creative 1 Fine Cookie wondered the same thing and actually did it. So here you go: pizza in a jar. More

Talk About a Pizza Revival!

Slice Meredith Smith 1 comment

I've felt like pizza has saved my life many times, but rarely does a slice have a starring role in a true heroic act. But this adorable 7-year-old, Rita Lawler, has put pizza on the heroism map. When her mom wouldn't wake up, she gave her a slap in the face with a piece of the pie. Once that didn't revive her mom, she knew that it was time to get serious about getting some real help. Add this litmus test to your first aid repertoire. You may not have smelling salts, but pizza, VERY likely! More

Pizza Flavored Steamed Buns: Stupid, or Genius?

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 45 comments

At a convenience store In Japan, you've got a window full of rice balls in flavors ranging from pickled plum to spicy pollack roe, skewered beef guts or fish cakes simmered in broth, or—a relative newcomer to the snacking scene—Chinese mandou-style buns, commonly called simply man in Japan. The usual suspects are there—pork, cabbage, mushroom—but this time I was interested in the single neon-orange specimen with the intriguing name pizza-man. This, I thought to myself, has the potential to stagger me with its genius. More

Watch 'Pizza Boomerang.' There Simply Are No Words to Describe This. No Words, My Friends

Slice Adam Kuban 16 comments

This video is INSANE. There are no words to describe it, people. No words. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Possibly NSFW — a man's willy gets chopped off. (See? It MAKES NO SENSE.) [via ☆jcn via @jfeldmar]


'Pizza Slice' Gaga Parody Lyrics Performed!

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

Remember the "Pizza Slice" parody lyrics of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" that drbubbles came up with? Robin Rothman and certified pizza obsessive Sean Taylor went and set them to music. Thanks, you two! (This is the internet at its finest — connecting people and ideas and getting shit done.) More

A Wizard Has Turned You into a Pizza. Is This Awesome (Y/N)?

Slice Adam Kuban 18 comments


I saw this while cruising around Facebook the other day. Thought I'd share.


'Pizza Slice,' Sung to the Tune of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face'

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

An email from a BRILLIANT Slice'r: "Singing along to Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' one evening while making pizza I absentmindedly changed the chorus to 'Pizza Face.' The image brought me up short with disgust, as you can imagine, but there seemed potential in the idea of a pizza parody of the song.... Here it is; I hope you like it. —drbubbles" More

The Prestigious Collection from Domino's Japan

Slice Meredith Smith 8 comments

In the limited time collection of "Prestige" pizzas, topping combinations include: the snow crab and shrimp gratin with a "rich and luxurious" white sauce finished with truffles; Mangalitsa pork, known as Hungary's "edible national treasure", with asparagus and Bordeaux sauce; and fresh mozzarella with beef stew and broccoli. (Hmm. One of these seems less prestigious than the others.) But the best part is that they can all be combined in the Quattro Prestige. More

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