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10 Incredible Mobile Pizza Operations

Running a successful food truck with limited refrigeration, climate control, and space is a feat in itself. Now imagine introducing an 800 degree fire-breathing oven into the equation. Here are ten incredible mobile pizza operations that not only demonstrate ingenuity and creativity in their designs, but turn out great pies that we can get behind. More

San Francisco's Mobile Pizza Truck Population Doubles

Casey's Pizza Truck was San Francisco's first mobile pizza truck, but now flour + water's original pizzaiolo Jon Darsky appears to have his own roaming pizzeria project in the works. And as reported by Tablehopper, that project has turned out to be a

deconstructed transatlantic shipping container that's 20' long and 8' wide into a mobile unit that will house a 5,000-pound, Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven that's welded to the floor with a steel pedestal. Not only that, but the exhibition kitchen is enclosed by three glass doors, so you'll be able to watch your pizza being made. Yeah, this is gonna be fun."

Casey's Pizza Truck Hits the Road

Pop-up locations and rigged pizza decks, and tricky pizza-cooking conditions are old hat for Casey Crynes, who is taking pizza to the streets of San Francisco today in his rad new pizza truck. Casey has made pies in modified Webers about town, set up shop in bars with a counter-top Baker's Pride Electrical oven, as well as made due with whatever home oven challenges he encountered during catered pizza parties in clients houses. It's only natural that he would be the pioneer behind the city's first pizza truck. More

Veraci in Seattle: Skip the Restaurant, Hit the Carts

What started in 2004 as a small mobile oven nicknamed "Terracottababy" and rapidly expanded to include a brick-and-mortar restaurant and an empire of farmer's market carts, Veraci is a success story Seattleites love to call their own. Sadly, there is a definite discrepancy between the feverish hype surrounding Veraci and the actual product they're serving. More

Beverly Shores, Indiana: The Rolling Stonebaker Pizza Fire Truck

[Photograph: The Rolling Stonebaker] The South Bend Tribune in Indiana reports on the Rolling Stonebaker pizza truck, a decommissioned and retrofitted 1949 Studebaker fire truck. Andrea Georgian and Jim Chaddock of Beverly Shores, Indiana, own the truck. As the article points out, she wanted a pizzeria and he wanted a truck. This was their (brilliant) compromise. "The truck is definitely a big draw, especially the older men. And they can't believe the oven's inside the truck," she says, adding that the siren gets plenty of use. And inside the oven, hungry diners will find classic pizzas such as Margherita,... More

Eddie's Pizza Truck: What to Expect

My impressions of the Eddie's Pizza Truck below. For photo outtakes, head into the slideshow above. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Eddie's Pizza Truck No fixed address; follow @EddiesPizzaNY on Twitter for daily location updates; 917-439-7522; eddiespizzany.com Pizza style: Bar pies Oven type: Cecilware electic ovens The skinny: Eddie's of New Hyde Park brings its renowned bar pizza to Manhattan in a truck that cooks your pizza to order. Right now, however, the wait time is excessively long for pizzas that are more bar snack Price: $7 for 10-inch plain "bar pies"; toppings $1.50 each Can you take "bar pizza" out of... More

Eddie's Pizza Truck to Open Thursday, June 10

[Photograph: Eddie's Pizza Truck] Next week Thursday, June 10, marks the debut of the Eddie's Pizza Truck. Eddie's has long been a bar-pizza staple out on Long Island, and now a truck version will prowl the streets of Manhattan. Oh, and FREE STUFF — the truck will be giving out free pizzas on opening day, June 10: "Free bar pies for the first 100 customers starting at noon. Location will be released on Twitter (@eddiespizzany) the morning of Thursday, June 10."... More

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Portland, Oregon, Has Not Three But Four(!) Pizza Carts

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... Give Pizza a Chance's menu board. It's more a "slice cart" than a "whole pie cart." Click it bigger for reference. [Photograph: I Dream of Pizza] I sent your post to my pal from Portland (ppppp!) and he was surprised this one didn't make the list: givepizzaachance.com.—Erin Zimmer ---------------------- Dear Erin, Even though you are sitting not more than 10 feet from me here in the Slice–Serious Eats office, I have chosen to answer you publicly on the internetz. Why? Because I need to post something in my mid-morning slot on... More

Openings: Eddie's of New Hyde Park Bringing Its Bar Pizza to the Streets of Midtown/Financial District

Rejoice, Long Island expats and Long Islanders who commute into NYC for work: Eddie's of New Hyde Park is bringing its renowned bar pizza to Manhattan. In May, Eddie's will dispatch a pizza truck to rumble along the city's not-so-mean streets. How do we know this? Twitter, of course. As Ed Levine wrote about Eddie's in Pizza: A Slice of Heaven: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Eddie's pizza, which features a crust not much thicker than one of those pieces of cardboard sandwiched inside my laundered shirts. Though the crust is cracker-thin, it's surprisingly pliant. You... More

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